Finding Out What Nexo Is? Does It Offer Decentralized Financing? Does It Have A Nexo Cryptocurrency?

In this cryptoulog, a legitimate illiteracy tries to discover what nexo is within a livestream, joined with a ulogger hailing from Africa. For the first time, we look at nexo on the spot to see what it offers in the form of features and value. Does it also have a native cryptocurrency called nexo? If so, what utilities does the nexo cryptocurrency have.

I will sign up on nexo on the spot and establish if there is tangible value to nexo in the course of this livestream.

I am a legitimate illiterate and these things are interesting to looking at overall, so join me. All will happen within a livestream, so tackle my errors too.

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  ·  23 days ago (edited)

I'm using Nexo for more than a year. Very good service, but it's not decentralized. And the debit card is not yet available.

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