How About WLEO Using TrustSwap Protocol To Lock Liquidity? Unicrypt Vs Trustswap Vs LID For ILO.

Tomorrow or later today i.e September 23, 'WLEO' will list on Uniswap and it intends to lock the initial liquidity that it will offer for a year.

It will contribute liquidity worth 50,000$ and it would like to lock it, to show their commitment to the LEO project and provide an outlook of trust to potential investors.

In the niche of 'initial liquidity offering' (i.e ILO), a niche of cryptocurrency that became popular after the inception of Uniswap, you will quickly think of Unicrypt, being that is among the first projects to provide an ILO feature. However, after Unicrypt, there came the likes of Trustswap, LID protocol, Vesta etc. Which will i recommend?

'Trustswap' is one with some or more history and perhaps more experience in the niche of 'blockchain-based social media', which could align with WLEO, which is a 'blockchain-based social media' built on the HIVE blockchain.

The person behind Trustswap is behind the project Uptrennd, which is a social media platform that has more than one year history and a solid network of crypto-inclined users. The team behind Trustswap is public too, which is becoming a popular indices these days, in determining 'trust' for projects that list on Uniswap.

From a cost perspective, using Trustswap could turn out cheaper too. "Two young men, both who have been pushing the 'blockchain-based social media' narrative, wanting to create an 'outlook of trust' for crypto"; they can reach a favorable-cost conclusion.

See the cryptoulog below, to listen to my thought process. It was a bit disorganized but you will get my gist.

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