How To Earn Free LUNA Tokens. What Is TERRA? Is It DEFI, Oracles, Stable Coins? Answering The Quiz.

To earn $LUNA tokens, make sure to at least play the 3 short Terra videos here:

Then, you can go on answering the quiz, if you know the answers, otherwise, i have answered the questions in my video below, which you can replicate.

You will need to have a $LUNA wallet address from Binance. I have also shown in the video, how to get yours.

If you don't have a binance wallet, please get one using my link:

Then contact me on '', if you need help!

I will soon resume fuller activity. I am still struggling with burying my dad. It has been 14 days already since he passed.

Join my Telegram:

Kind support the evolution of the Macrohard hub by purchasing a 15$ T-shirt.

Proceeds will go towards sustaining the hub:

Your Boy Terry


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Wow, I will try this,

Boss I need any defi token should I send my eth wallet?...

Not yet bro. My dad died, just buried my dad today after 15 days cos of money struggles. Still to deal with quit notice and bills and house to live in. I will soon be back

sorry about that boss, just accept my sympathy