I Need Your Timely Feedback In Relation To The Provisional ColorlessPaper For 'cryptoulogs.com'.

I would like to ask a special and very timely favor of you. I have written a provisional ColorlessPaper for 'cryptoulogs.com' and i would like you to read it.

It is 65-mins read and you can find it here: http://bit.ly/cryptoulogs

Please be invested in reading it, as i would like you to consider providing me with feedback in a video. This will require some self-sacrifice on your part, towards me.

Particularly, i will like your feedback on the 'tokenomics', among other things. As especially, i would like you to ask as many questions as possible about the project, which i will answer you in turn, in a response video.

I would appreciate a video response primarily, that i may better peer into your insight.

I say 'timely favor' because among other things, i am very ill and i take care of my dad, who is ill. I treasure this project as it is valuable in the scheme of my affairs, leading up to my 'primary projects', which i will need to recover in health to undertake.

I will value your feedback ginormously and i won't forget it. I will look to help you in return.

Assuming you are public figure, you can do a video that doesn't show your face. If 'audio' isn't an option, you can write a publication and send me the link.

To provide me with a copy of the video, you can send it via google-drive to 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com'.

I will be adding your video to a compilation of videos, combining my response to it. When published, you can find it on UloggersTV.

In your participation, 'timeliness' is of most pertinence.

Incase, you don't understand portions of the post, perhaps because of my 'ulogging approach' to writing it, kindly ask as many questions as you have, which i will answer in a return-video.

You can also send this memo to others, who you think can participate.

Your boy Terry


Would you like to help with building Cryptoulogs? Are you a programmer? Contact me via 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com'.

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