My Dad Died - Riochain's Polkadot Rfuel Lists On Uniswap In Hours. Can It Moon Like OM MantraDAO?

My dad died and he hasn't been buried yet. This video is me battling and carry his dream and mine. I will do some five videos today.

If you didn't know of Riochain or $RFUEL, it has got some hype, starting months back just after the inception of Mantradao's OM token which had a measure of success prior to the general market crash currently ongoing with bitcoin, eth and altcoins.

Riochain is an entire blockchain, with affiliations to substrate and polkadot and the blockchain-of-choice to be used by Mantradao and its $OM token but what is $RFUEL?

Is it entirely DEFI? Is it yield farming? Will $RFUEL live up to the hype in terms of price with the current red-markets? Can it? Will listing on Uniswap first help? Why isn't $RFUEL starting on the big exchanges, like Mantradao's OM? Will Riochain's $RFUEL, eventually list on big exchanges like Binance, Bitmax etc? Will that happen fast?

Join a legitimate illiterate in finding out these answers, within this cryptoulog and livestream.

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Oh man I am sorry Terry.

I heard the news yesterday through our @Powerhousecreatives fam and have been thinking of you.

Let this power you even more through this moment and towards the goal you are so passionately pursuing.

Your boy, Zeke.