Octofi - Decentralized Finance Tentacles. Any Different From DEFI Oracles? A New Crypto Trend?

While it is possible to research individual cryptocurrencies to interact with and trade for ROI, especially in recent times, in the face of the alt-season, some have looked out for entire cryptocurrency trends, in order to interact and trade every cryptocurrency forming that trend. One such trend, in the recent altcoin-boom was 'decentralized finance oracles', as a result came the likes of $CHAINLINK and $BAND. Today, i came across what seems like another niche referred to a 'decentralized finance tentacles' but is it another thing new? Is it really an entire niche away from 'oracles' or is 'tentacles' just a fancy name to stir a 'what is after oracles' wave and incite a new cryptocurrency trend?

Octofi has presented itself as a such; 'decentralized finance tentacles' but what exactly is that? Is this anything revolutionary? Is it simple an application of oracles in more advance ways? Any value to Octofi?

Join a legitimate illiterate in discovering these things within the course of a livestream and in this cryptoulog!

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