Relevant.Community (REL) Coin. Earning For Blockchain-Based Social Media When Crypto Is Red?

In this cryptoulog, we will look at the for the first time, a blockchain-based social media platform with the coin REL. Since the cryptocurrency markets turned red recently, other niches apart from defi, oracle and yfi have started to pop up as trending searches on coingecko, indicating or intimating that people are searching other sustainable outlets or avenues to interact with blockchain and cryptocurrency in sustainable ways. While it is easy to say that many are in cryptocurrency for roi, underlyingly you will notice that people are actually looking for a home on blockchain and cryptocurrency, a home away from the rest of the current internet; people are looking for unconventional options other than the 'rat race'.
We will look for almost the first time, within the course of this livestream, to establish what it represents and peer into its potential. Is it comparable to steem or hive, the older players in the niche of blockchain-based social media or is it more like uptrennd without a blockchain.

It is interesting topic to me, as i am working on my own blockchain-based social media platform too, one called '' and i would like to formulate it in a tangible fashion, taking cognizance of the state of the social world as seen on

We will also look at the REL coin, to see if it has potential in terms of utility and direct roi.

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