Video - How To Mine Koinos ($KOIN), A New Uniswap Gem With 10X Potential?

In this cryptoulog, i share my screen, showing you on how to mine $KOIN on your Windows PC. I also discussed what i perceive of the Koinos project, a project administered by former Steemit INC programmers and @andrarchy.

The video turned out of poor quality. Apologies! I was mining $KOIN on the same computer and it seemed to have impacted the state of my video and perhaps the internet connection. My audio was poor as well because at times, my microphone would disconnect, relegating control to my webcam-mic, which of poor quality.

Too, the live-stream occurred at the Macrohard hub, Philippines, which currently has too much echo.

The procedure behind setting up a KOINOS miner is simple. I took the straightforward route and it worked. First you will need to download the program here and install it.

The miner interface looks like this:

Further details on setting it up is in the video above. You will start by backing up the seed-phrase of your KOINOS blockchain and setting it up with a password. After accomplishing this, the interface will generate an ETH wallet-address that you will need to send some ETH to. The ETH you deposit, will be used to automate the deposit of whatever $KOIN you have mined into your own ETH wallet. This means that you will need to provide the KOINOS interface with a recipient ETH address.

I had setup these miners on three different PCs, each on the same IP-address and only one has managed to mine some $KOIN. I don't know if it matters that the same IP-address is shared among all three PC?

$KOIN is currently enlisted on Uniswap. It has some value price-wise already, currently priced at '0.04$'. This means that besides mining $KOIN, you can buy it. Find its market here:

I will soon resume fuller activity. I was able to bury my dad some 2 days ago, after 17 days past since he passed.

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Your Boy Terry


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If you want your PCs to last, then don't use them to mine.

My miner stops once in a while. On its own.
Any ideas - why ?

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I am still experimenting. Mine doesn't stop anymore but i don't know if it will mine anything. I have left it up for hours without result. One thing that can help with yours is putting your own node URL in the ETH end-point on Koinos. You will need to do a quick sign-up here:

Then create a project, name it and it will generate a url that you can copy and paste on Koinos at the top right where it requires an ETH endpoint.

You can find more general info here:

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