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A lot was made about the purge on YouTube of some of the individuals who focus their channels primarily on crypto and have large followings. It is evident this was a targeted effort by YouTube. Once again, we see the ability to censor before us.

This is one of the things that many of us on Steem discuss each day. We put together posts, articles and videos, about how blockchain is the answer to censorship along with the opportunity to provide a path to freedom for humanity. We are in the process of erecting a new economic system that excludes those who are controlling the present one. This is driven by individuals who now have similar powers as the few did throughout history. Simply put, anyone is able to create money.

Over the last few years, a lot of strides were made in development of applications that provide people with decentralized options. Steem appears just shy of 4 years ago and offered the world a decentralized forum where posts were immutable. When one thinks about this, it was a very big step.

The latest purge by YouTube follows one that was put together by Facebook and Twitter earlier in the year. Couple this with Facebook's blanket ban on crypto ads, a decision later reversed, we can see how targeted things are.


Of course, those who are on YouTube, the ones now banned, talked about this for years. They were at the forefront pointing everything out while talking about how things were going to change.

The challenge is they were just talking for the most part.

@lordbutterfly put together an excellent article that I suggest everyone give a read to.

It is no secret that blockchain based applications are slow to gain traction. Adoption rates, across the board, are suffering. Ethereum is one of the best known blockchains out there and Buterin would love to have the usage rates on their applications that some see on Steem. That is how small the crypto world really is.

One thing we can say about active Steemians, they are involved fully in cryptocurrency. This is not something that is talked about. We are here each day posting blogs, making videos, playing Splinterlands, or posting Actifit steps. Of those who are truly active, I bet the average person used 3-5 applications in a week.

Compare this with the YouTubers who are gaining all the attention. In my search relating to this subject, I came across a number of articles that talked about Steemit and DTube. While they failed to mention 3Speak, you would think that people who are continually researching cryptocurrency would be aware of these applications.

The reality is they are well aware of them. Nevertheless, as @lordbutterfly pointed out, while they might be aware of them, they chose not to use them. Instead, they opted to remain a major part of the centralized system of YouTube.


Now that they were bitten, they are up in arms. Ironic that this is one of the things they warmed people could happen. Anyone involved in cryptocurrency knows that censorship and account closure are risks it presents. Decentralized applications offer the solution to this.

Naturally, there is the economic impact of this and I am not going to besmirch someone for catering to a well-built following on YouTube. Many of these people have that as a major part of their income. However, if one is going to talk about decentralization, isn't it imperative that one at least support it? Whatever one thinks about Steem, the fact cannot be denied that it has the most actively used DApps overall.

Each day we have thousands of people putting up tens of thousands of posts and comments. This is small potatoes compared to Facebook, Twitter, and, yes, YouTube. However, we are consistent with what we are doing and putting forth the effort to keep moving forward. We are not just talking about decentralization but, instead, doing what we can to help bring it about.

It is not an overnight process and lots of work needs to be done. However, this is the difference between the 15K-20K active Steemians and the rest of the crypto community who lives exclusively on YouTube and Facebook. We do not just talk about offering different options to people, we are actually taking advantage of them.


You wonder where things would be if these individuals used their influence to actually promote those applications that were providing solutions to people. At the same time, would we be further along if more of them also posted their videos elsewhere. Obviously, we know that blockchain applications are in their infancy, hence have some issues. The idea of people like this going exclusively in that direction is not smart. However, as an adjunct to what they are doing, it would make sense.

It is evident we cannot remove ourselves from the matrix of the present system entirely at this point. That said, we all can do our part to start moving things in that direction. Catering exclusively to the centralized entities will only slow the progress. It is time for all involved to truly be involved. Steemians have been doing that since this place opened. Sure many left, moved on, or simply do not care anymore. That is fine. We have a lot of people who still are involved in the world of crypto.

Whether anyone realizes it or not, we are all in this together. People should stop trying to cut each other off at the knees. The industry faces enough of a challenge from those outside forces intent on destroying it.

Perhaps some of the displaced YouTubers will realize what is taking place and start to reconsider their approach. In the meantime, all those posting on Steem will keep doing their part. Each day, we just keep pushing the ball a bit further down the field.

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Its true, I think even users that come to post about art and other stuff, to fully understand the platform they're using which most of us do, absolutely have knowledge / use crypto in our daily lives. It's a shame that mainstream platforms are doing targetted attacks to our community. We will prevail though :)

Absolutely @kemoglo.

Art, science, religion, politics, sports, the PTA, anything. I do not care what people use the app for, that is up to them. The key is they are using the blockchain apps which is much better than just talking about what is going on.

As for the understanding, I agree. The best way to learn is simply to use something. By getting involved with Steem, as an example, there are real use cases that newer people can start to understand. It is a process since none of this is really easy.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

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