RE: WHEW!!! 😅 All December Payouts SENT! 😅

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WHEW!!! 😅 All December Payouts SENT! 😅

in hive-167922 •  last year 

YES! This last month of BONUS Rewards for New Members is January, it's BIG!
1500 will work fine, BTW. We are making more in Jan than we did in Nov or Dec!

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I sent the 1500 NeoxAG, then I bought another 1000 NeoxAG to also delegate but it is making me undelegate before I can redelegate with the 2500 NeoxAG, ugh.. So I guess Im waiting a lil while longer now.. :/

Either the system is totally wacked (again) or you really messed up LOL
I had a similar thing, but kinda the opposite. I wanted to delegate a specific amount so it would be an even number, but all I was able to get thru was delegating ALL the available NeoxAG. I tried it 3-4 times 🤣
I'd say the system is Wack.

I just figured there was a hold, like on steemit when u undelegate.. But there was no option for me to delegate more, it was either undelegate to redelegate or just leave it.. I guess ill just have to wait and see wtf is going on..

You have plenty of Time, enrollment is OPEN for bonuses nearly all month. I say you in there so you already have "credit" umm-kay? 🤣

No Worries, Mate!


Cool, thanks bro.. I just checked again and it said the undelegation will finish in a few days, so it wont be to much longer.. But yeah, there seems to be a 5-6 day hold when you un-delegate, like on steemit.. Just a heads ups.