Additional 502 LEO Added to my Stake, Total LEO Stake now 25.5k giving out $0.21 worth of Upvote

Four days ago, I reached 25,000 stake of LEO token and that represents 50% of my target short term stake mark of 50,000 LEO. I am consciously using the word "short term" because I am sure there will be the need to surpass that mark in a later time while I have rested for a while.

Growing my stake of LEO tokens to the current level required so much discipline. To achieve this, I had to stake them in its as I earned the tokens and also purchase them in bits as I earned HIVE. Yeah, that much of LEO stake was achieved within just three months.

I salute the encoruagement of the LeoFInance curaors like @Taskmaster4450le, @Dtrade @onealfa.leo @rollandthomas @forexbrokr @megavest @leovoter @empoderat.leo @dalz1 @mindtrap-leo @mfblack @autowin @jk6276, and many others who have been so consistent in giving value to my blogs.

The make up of my LeoFinance posts are predominantly my investment journey and I consciously put this information forward to encourage other users that look at investment in HIVE as a big deal while also marketing the community and the blockchain at large by showing off the awesome earning opportunities available here.

Today, I added 502 LEO to my stake which grows the total LEO stake in my account to 25,502. I had a weekly target of 1,500 LEO to be able to reach the 30k LEO stake by the end of July. I'm hopefully getting there, yet I'll be stady as @Taskmaster4450le advises.

In investing in LEO is a win-win investment as the community leadership is putting on efforts to grow its Ad revenue to boost the token economics coupled with the development that is thriving in the community. I call LEO token as the "token of tokens" on HIVE as it could be earned when talking about the economics, investment and featured of other cryptocurrencies on HIVE. I see LEO token becoming more valuable when the token gets accepted in e-commerce sites in exchangeable for tangible products.


The market trend of LEO in the LEO market show a slight price correction to allow for new investors to jump in. The bearish move won't stay long as the token would soon jump to another pricing layer on the chart which would likely be the 10 cents mark.

With the current stake of LEO, I can give out 5.6LEO in upvote which is equivalent in USD value to what a Hive account with about 20k HP can give. That's unelievable you say? Do your mathematics and thank me later.

Disclaimer: In all, the above are my personal views about LEO token that fuels my convictions to invest in the cryptocurrencies. These are not investment advice. Always make your extra research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, I'll be glad to curate a fresh #leofinance content published from the interface. The post must not be older than mine. Feel free to submit the post link to the comments section of this post and consider adhering to the #posh rule. Already, I have made a couple of guide posts to help you create acceptable leofinance posts seamlessly:

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"With the current stake of LEO, I can give out 5.6LEO in upvote which is equivalent in USD value to what a Hive account with about 20k HP can give. That's unelievable you say? Do your mathematics and thank me later."

See comparisons between the USD value of HIVE and LEO upvotes like this is great. I'm sure I'm not the only one that underestimates the value of a LEO upvote, simply because I'm so used to thinking in terms of HIVE.

Thanks for highlighting it once again!

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Thanks Sir. This is the reason I am consistently sharing my curation growth, so many can come to this awareness. It's all for the good of HIVE.

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I am happy to tell you that you are now part of my alt-account @bruleo's fanbase and will start receiving daily upvotes from it (~17,000 LEOs).
I hope your short-term stake (50,000 LEOs) will be surpassed very soon. :=)

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