Decentralized Publishing: How Do I easily create E-Books from my Content with a "d"Amazon?

I am an academic the reason I'll always be tilting to content documentation most of the times and related ideas. This made me pin this post by @scaredycatguide so I can give it a good read. Sure , it was worth the save. The post contained a link to a guide website to aid book, eBook publication with emphasis on Self-publishing, Step by step plans on kindle publishing and Book Promotion.

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After having a read, I decided to save this idea for our developers to think of a Decentralized Publishing platform that replicates the functions of amazon, but built on a blockchain. Truth be told, I rarely would buy any product, talk less of a book with fiat online. However, I will readily go for a good eBook or other product which accepts cryptocurrency as a payment module.

While we are anticipating #LeoShop with features that may handle some of these functions raised above, I am thinking of a fully decentralized Amazon. You will agree with me that in the age of e-books, Amazon is the biggest publisher. This is because it's publishing service is concentric and covers as far as product promotion.

I have a lot of contents to put up and give them out for buys with cryptocurrency price tags . My favourites would be Hive, LEO and Bitcoin, in that order.

@taskmaster4450 has also made this solid read with a call to collaboration towards the expansion of the cryptocurrency space beyond the Bitcoin-centric market.

It is time we maximize cryptocurrencies to the best of pour abilities to tangible products. LeoFinance is heading towards this direction and this means there will be the need to collaborate with other cryptocurrency communities for a strong build.

I will personally begin to patronize Amazon if they'll get HIVE as a payment option for their publishing and promotional services. This is just the beginning of Internet 3.0. It will be huge to open up for more ideas while strategizing to a sequential adoption and development.

I will love to read more inputs in the comments section of this blog.

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