Earning LEO Tokens and Staking Qualifies you for more Hive Token Holdings - Free SPI Tokens for Grabs!

About 27 days ago, I wrote about how my LEO stake earned me free 37,000 HUSTLER Tokens in this post. I went ahead to share a screenshot of the tokens in my Hive-engine wallet that are worth some dollars as at today and with more potential value in the future as there are great plans for $HUSTLER tokens which already has usecases in three websites (under construction) viz: HiveHustlers.io, HiveSwag.io and HiveBay.io. @nulledgh0st has got more details.

It is no more news that LeoFinance community is becoming a community of interest to all Hivians and intended investors of the Hive blockchain following the tracks of development around the community ans the healthiness of the LEO token. The community is a "community of communities" and the token LEO is a "Token of tokens" as it rewards every content that talks about any cryptocurrency.

Two days ago, we got some big news from the coffers of the leadership of the Leofinance community as the community marks her first anniversary on the blockchain sphere.

The big news is that Leofinance is airdropping SPI tokens to LEO stakeholders on the 13th of July, 2020. That's just three days from today. A whooping 1200 SPI tokens are up for grabs and details about the token can e read here. Currently 1 SPI token goes for about 2.5 HIVE on the Leodex. You see why it is good to hold stakes of Hive tokens? Beyond the instant rewards you get from curation,. you also earn some more airdrops like this especially if you are holding a value-giving token like LEO. Read from the horses mouth more details on the airdrop screenshot below or head to this post.


More value is coming in for LEO stakeholders and you still have till the next two days to buy at least 1,000 LEO tokens and stake same to qualify for the airdrop. Moreover, this should inform you on why you should start publishing valid contents on https://leofinance.io/ in order to earn LEO tokens in case of a future airdrop which would sure come by.

There haven't been any official airdrops to LEO stakeholders before (just other Hive community-created tokens being airdropped to our community of stakeholders).

Do something now an thank me later.

Meanwhile, I'll be glad to curate a fresh #leofinance content published from the https://leofinance.io interface. The post must not be older than mine. Feel free to submit the post link to the comments section of this post and consider adhering to the #posh rule. Already, I have made a couple of guide posts to help you create acceptable leofinance posts seamlessly:

Know the LeoFinance Ecosystem

https://leofinance.io is an online community for crypto & finance content creators, powered by Hive and the LEO token economy.

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