HIVESTATS: How I earned 135 USD in June, 2020 on Hive Blockchain (Content Creation + Curation)

Having a look-up on your past achievements has a way of boosting your morale for the journey ahead. Hivestats developed by LeoFinance community is a Hive account statistics tracking tool-set. Of recent, the Hivestats tab has been continuously opened in my browser to help me lookup at my performance as a content creator and Curator on Hive blockchain.

Figure 1

The very beautiful thing about Hivestats is that it also tracks statistics on Hive-engine operations including wallet balances, rewards and operations. I hope that @khaleelkazi and his team of developers would look into the inclusion of transaction hash to the "operations" tabs to make Hivestats serve as an added Hive explorer to Hiveblocks.

Hive earnings are broadly categorized into author rewards and curation rewards. While the author reward s presently pays out in HBD and Hive Power (50/50), curation rewards only pays out as Hive Power.

A lookup at my Hive earnings in June shows a near v-shaped graph for Hive Power. This is because the month started out with a powerdown I initiated in March to be able to raise funds for pressing needs during the lockdown as well as channel some funds into Hive-engine tokens. I stopped the powerdown as at the second weekend of June and then the Hive Power began to pick from about 1,470 mark to the current 1,642 (net).


Figure 2

From the chart (Figure 2), I was able to earn about 567,903.001506 VESTS (approximately 292.413255 Hive Power) in the month of June, 2020 through content creation. In addition, I earned 37,551.203626 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 19.335115 Hive Power. This implies that I earned a little above 311 Hive Power over the month of June. I hope to see this value grow better in the month of July as concerted efforts would be put into consistent content creation and curation.


Figure 3

The bars represented in Figure 3 above shows the breakdown of the total earnings (USD) I made from post authorship (liquid and stake). As confirmed by @abh12345, I earned 71.723000 HBD as author rewards The chart shows that peak earnings (about 10 USD) were made on the 16th of June (literally the median spot). I had some lazy days in between the bars with as less as $1.

Put together, I was able to earn 135 USD over the 30 days of June. That is an equivalent of about 639 HIVE. About 90% of this reward were pushed into Hive engine to purchase tokens for tribes curation. This is because I believe that at $0.22, HIVE is underrated.

With the current utility, HIVE would be fair at $0.75 - $1. It would be a waste to sell HIVE at this price when I can profitably reinvest it for more curation rewards in the Tribes tokens.

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Thanks for sharing this. It got me exploring my own account on HiveStats a little deeper.

I didn't realise I could see USD and HIVE value on my LEO earnings. This is a really cool feature and highlights how good this community is as a content creator/curator.

Great work to the team as always!

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