I've raised $37 from CHARY Tokens to fund the Printing of Hive-branded books for free distribution in Schools

HIVE is here to stay and those in cryptosphere who aim for sustainability should see reasons to be a part of the Hive blockchain. Like I'll always say, HIVE is the Bitcoin for the common man who thinks he cannot afford Bitcoin. While we are still looking at $5 for HIVE in the near future, communities on Hive are growing with additions ti Hive tokens, some of which are very cheap to purchase. Good enough that some of these Hive tokens have even more use-cases than HIVE at present but share equal functionalities such as staking.

Some persons seeing the pump in ETH and BTC wished they had purchased it weeks ago instead of HIVE. However, we all know that the corrections come quite often and some would even cry. However, with HIVE, there are multiple ways to make the most of one's investment.

@khaleelkazi has made a series of posts on how one can make money sustainably and profitably with HIVE. You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the series for mopre details. This post is more of a specific usecase for HIVE which can reach the world for good and leave some lasting impacts in people's lives.

Around two months ago, I realized that charity could be a way to create more awareness about cryptocurrencies and show the unschooled how much positive impacts it can make on humanity. This is what informed the creation of HiveAid . Few days after creating @Hiveaid, I stumbled this document by Dash News reporting "UNICEF's Pledge to hold cryptocurrency donations in cryptocurrency.


This prompted me to Tweet and mail UNICEF about creating a Hive account so we could also send in some love from Hive and Hive tokens. I'm yet to receive a response. I hope other Hivers can help push this. Imagine Unicef Tweeting that they will start receiving charity donations from HIVE, then that would be a booster for this blockchain and related tokens.

few weeks after @achimmertens moved Chary.org from Steem to Hive with much more value and I keyed in to acquire some CHARY tokens and have them staked in @Hiveaid which currently holds about 11,300 tokens. This, I saw as a great tool to achieve the #HiveAid goal.

The creation of @HIVEAID is to empower and support that are aimed at using blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies to reach out to humanity. It could take forms ranging from giving financial aid, educational aid, environmental protection, offering Blockchain education, or any other tangible project that would impact humanity and leave a a good legacy in favour of blockchain technology/cryptocurrency.

My aim is seeing Hive-branded books in the hands of pupils in primary schools to students in the tertiary institutions and that, given out for free here in Nigeria. When it gains popularity, I am sure that book vendors would want to adopt HIVE designs in their commercial printings and that means more marketing for Hive blockchain and the communities therein. Moreover, sending branded facilities to hospitals and schools courtesy of Hive communities would go along way to telling the world how much impact HIVE wants to make in humanity.

I've Raised $37 to kick-start the Printing of Hive-branded books for free distribution in Schools

Just few hours ago, I've Raised $37 from sales of CHARY tokens and that would serve as a start-up fund for the printing of covers for the above designed Hive-branded exercise books for onward distribution to schools. Just on Monday, exit classes (Primary 6, Junior Secondary 3, Senior Secondary 3) in Nigerian schools were asked to resume to enable the students write national examinations. We are anticipating that the ban on academic activities will soon be lifted and it would be a good time to to succor parents/students with free books to support their education.

@achimmertens has made some more detailed statement about the charity community and CHARY tokens and the roadmap in supporting charity and humanitarian activities around the globe. To support charity with HIVE, simply head to Leodex and buy some CHARY tokens. Read this post for more details.

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