LEO has modeled the Future of Hive Tokens: Get 12million SPORTS with just $100 Today

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It's never an easy thing to be a leader in the ranks of your equals. The leofinance community and LEO token prices itself to be a leading Hive tribe to show the way to bridging to the ever booming ETH blockchain. This brings the LEO token to parity (in price) with HIVE on this day as wLEO launches. This is one of the biggest news on the Hive blockchain and it crucially is showing how tangible Hive tokens can be on the long run.

As I've said earlier, maybe we no longer need Smart Media Tokens and the Hive tokens has learned the way to scale to make the "community" feature of the hive blockchain shine out its light. This happening may make some think whether HIVE is dyeing. No! HIVE is just meant to take the grand stage as a base token through which all other community tokens draw strength from. Soon, we'll see HIVE serve like BTC and USD is presently serving in the crypto and fiat markets respectively. I'm glad that people like @cryptoandcoffee are holding this same vision as he positions himself to moon the SPORTS token as well. Like Nathanmars would say, we're all Hive owners and as such, should take up responsibilities that would lead to the growth of our respective communities.

Days ago, I published this post telling how the Sportstalksocial community had been shortlisted in OCD's community Curation incubation program. Head on and read the full post. This has been a reality with a push from owner Cryptoandcoffee who also sees sports as means to onboard the masses to Hive as well as help to moon HIVE through SPORTS token.

The curation project started and I've earned one recommendation so far which afforded me a $12 ride on a #sportstalk post. That was a huge earnings on a sports related content. This initiative had since restored hope in many #sportstalk users who had lost interest in the community. There has been a tangible increase in active participation and engagement of the Sportstalksocial community. See screenshot below.

On the 8th of September we had 717 members in the @sportstalk community of which there were 65 who were active. Now looking at these figures we have 751 (+34) members and 91 (+26) active in comparison. Any growth is good growth and this is very positive. Personally I would love to see the tribe hit 1000 members before the end of the year which I believe is easily attainable. What is noticeable is users have started posting again which has seen an increase of 40% which is what this is all about. - source

That is a great effect in just two weeks of OCD incubation curation on the Sportstalksocial community. As the initiative continues in the coming weeks, things would change as more authors would be encouraged to join and this would lead to increased Ad revenue for the community, increased SPORTS token demand and subsequent bull in SPORTS price. Incentivised writing has been an effective way to earn authors's participation and every community out there seeking for quality should go for this.

Over the last 14 days 28 posts have been submitted and 25 have received extra upvotes by the OCD program. I am sure the 3 outstanding will be curated later today. Of the 28 there are 17 unique authors so the quality is definitely improving from the first week.

I'm personally also interested in the growth of SPORTS token as I believe that sports is a sector with passionate users that can change the narrative about Hive positively. I have shared how I'm pushing towards having SPORTS adopted by the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) as their fan token and investment alternative. Read details here.

Get 12million SPORTS with just $100 Today

I remember vividly when I started shouting about LeoFinance community and LEO token few months ago. Many Hive users were actually unaware of the potential of the community and tokens. I made it my personal business to spread the word at my best and today we see where LEO is heading. There are several discussions that LEO might be worth $2 in the near future and another emerged which looked at LEO at the value of $37. Read this post and this post and learn for yourself.

My work is just to discover the Hive communities that is growing and the tokens that are mooning and sharing my discoveries with as many that care to know. I see myself as a HIVE investor at the second layer level and I'm content with that. I'm aware that there are many Hive users following my blog for Hive token news and I deliberately share them. It was surprising to know that some Hive users after engaging LEO and Leofinance communities for some time never knew about LEOM and LEOMM as means to print LEO. I shared a post yesterday and behold I never woke to see LEOM anymore to buy. I just wish I hadn't shared the news.

Over 50,000 LEOM tokens costing about 100,000 HIVE were bought up in less than 12 hours after the publication. I got disappointed heading to Leodex to purchase the tokens where I discovered that there are new orders seeking to sell LEOMM at 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 HIVE respectively. Already, the price is over 100x.

Things change drastically here and everyone must seek to understand that. Now LEO is mooning, some other Hive token must join the cue. SPORTS could be the next. As NPFL teams would be joining, each would want to go for 50 million SPORTS each and that would mean scarcity of SPORTS and subsequent hike in price. Now is the cheapest moment to amass as much SPORTS tokens as possible. Head to LeoDex and get as much as you can. SPORTS is warming up for a bull. Many would become rich in no time.

At the present price, you can place an order for 12 million SPORTS at 0.00005 HIVE per SPORTS. That would cost about 600 HIVE, equivalent to $100. That's too cheap a price to buy SPORTS when we actually bought them at $0.001 some months back.

I've exceeded a thousand word count, lemme stop here. Always remember that information is the est resource you can have as a crypto investor. Everything here sells and get ought-up by information.

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I owned Sports tokens on Steem-engine, but haven’t checked them since hive-engine went live. What happened in the transition?

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This is an interesting opportunity.

Head to https://hivestats.io/@shortsegments to see your H-E wallet. Trade the tokens at https://leodex.io/.

You have about 220k SPORTS. The tokens were moved from Steem-engine to Hive-engine.

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This is an interesting opportunity. The price of Sports is very small, 0.00005 so a small investment of hive creates a large stack. I am unsure what the odds of success of the project are though. You have faith in it though and your enthusiasm is very clear. I seems you believe in its future and you aren’t waiting for good things to fall in your lap, you are actively trying to make things happen. I think that’s great and you deserve support, so I am going to buy a million Sports Talk Tokens and start following the Trending page there to see how the activity is...thanks for the information.

Anyone talking up the Sports Token and Sports in general is a win to me.
A very under valued thing at the moment here on #Hive is sport yet it is something enjoyed by most in the world.
I like your vision for it.

Thanks Sir. Those words encourages me much. SPORTS is a LEO in wait.

I was thinking in comparison to LEO also to SPORTS as it has so much potential but for some reason it is kept at low values. The world of sports and football in special is immense, even more than the one of finance.

I intend to get a little bit more involved there as well, I've gathered some tokens but still more to add.

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Surely, now is the cheapest moments we would ever have to have accumulated SPORTS token.

It is great to know that @sportstalk community is growing rapidly and so many people are seeing the future in Leo tokens.

I see you already have some SPORTS staked. Brave up and start an investment journey. Reaching the million mark isn't far.

I will see to that. Thank you for that.