LEO's Next Move will be Massive: 8,700 visitors in the last 18 Days


About a week ago, a new growth tracking tool for performance and traffic of LeoFinance applications was added to the LeoFinance portfolio and was discussed in this post. As captured in the post, the tool is an is meant to allow everyone in the LeoFinance community to get involved with the core mission of bringing in new users and ad revenue to the suite of LeoApps and websites.

To buttress the importance of the tracking tool, it was berated that analytics and performance indicators are important when attempting to growing any business or community. It gives a quick view of the outcome of efforts put in by the lead team and community members at large. More important it that this tool is made available for all members of the LeoFinance community.

As I have been mentioning in my LeoFinance post, this community is driven towards development and this becomes a basis for its growth in the Hive blockchain with a simultaneous growth in the LEO token which powers the community. With four applications already in the Leofinance ecosystem: https://hivestats.io/, https://leopedia.io/, https://dex.leofinance.io/ and https://leofinance.io/, the community is still committed to delivering more value to the Hive blockchain in terms of increasing onboarding. Here this:

Our core mission at LeoFinance is to grow our community and grow the userbase of the broader Hive blockchain ecosystem. To do that, we need to bring more awareness about our platform to the outside world. One way that we're growing our community is through a rewards and ad redistribution through the LEO token economy. - source

Since the publication of the took, I have been making a frequent and daily visit to LeoFinance Analytics to see whether my efforts in using the leofinance interface for my posts and frequent writings abut the community has any significant effect on the community growth. I'm glad , it does as my page is one of the top visited pages with 293 views as I pen this post.


It was Beautiful to see as screenshot in my banner image that over the past 18 days, " leofinance.io" has earned about 8,700 fresh visitor views. A growing pace in the stats has been kept in the past few days. The took also records that Leofinance.io also records 36,000 age views over the days in consideration (June 18th to July 6, 2020).


What is the Implication for this?

The truth is that though many of the visiting views are just getting to see what's popping especially from tweets from an awesome Leofinance user like @trumpman and many others, some would actually end up creating free accounts to experiment what they see.

I'm certain that coupled with the bearish moves of LEO on the Hive-engine markets, many new investors may be lured into the project and that would be great as we anticipate a bull run as soon as the next "big announcements" pops up from the leadership of the community.

Do you have LEO tokens?
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Disclaimer: In all, the above are my personal views about LEO token that fuels my convictions to invest in the cryptocurrency. These are not investment advice. Always make your extra research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, I'll be glad to curate a fresh #leofinance content published from the https://leofinance.io interface. The post must not be older than mine. Feel free to submit the post link to the comments section of this post and consider adhering to the #posh rule. Already, I have made a couple of guide posts to help you create acceptable leofinance posts seamlessly:

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There will come a time when it all will come together nicely. Each piece is building upon what went before.

This means we are going to see a convergence of all that is being put together.

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Surely. In the meantime, we keep stacking up the drops in wait for the massive accumulation.

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