Losing $442 over 30 Days: "I wish" I had bought 10million SPORTS


SPORTS remains one of my most cherished tokens on Hive-engine. Beginning my second layer curation with SPORTS and seeing how lucrative it has been wouldn't let me stop going for more SPORTS to stake and hodl. It is important to understand that cryptocurrency is still in the formative years and has not yet entered the adoption age. While we await that time when the masses would to the light of understanding of the value lurked in crypto and how it can reshape the financial future, there is need for the early adopters to position themselves well.

One of the ways of getting positioned is to understand the need to hodl crypto while they are cheap and be disciplined to keep them till mooning season. Sometimes, hodling the tokens in liquid format may pose a risk of an impulsive response to a temporary market trigger. This is why I enjoy staking Hive tokens. The 4 - 6 week unstaking window is a great way of helping a long term investor build value around his digital asset.

I had stayed around the SportsTalkSocial community when SPORTS experienced the lows of 0.000015 HIVE price. I saw it as an opportunity to build my stake in SPORTS while earning curation rewards in the process. Though, the waiting period seemed longer than should be and it seemed nothing positive could come out of SPORTS. I didn't actually stop, yet, I was skeptical at some point especially when most large stakeholders powered down and dumped some good millions of the token.

Things suddenly changed around SPORTS when on September 27th, a new curator joined the community and started building his stake to over 40 million at present. That little spike coupled with the token marketing through my blogs got some more eyes on the token and some traction began in the SPORTS market. Looking back to the last 30 days, I discovered how much value has been gained by SPORTS and how much has been lost by a curator who failed to risk gathering more tokens.

I made a simple analysis as seen on the screenshot and it awed me that 10 million SPORTS was worth 500 HIVE (that is $72 USD) as at 24th September, 2020. Today, HIVE price is same with what it was that date ($0.143) but SPORTS has gained by over 500% to its present stable price of 0.00036 HIVE. This new price pegs 10 million SPORTS at 3,600 HIVE (that is $515 USD). This proves a $442 loss to a SPORTS curator who failed to gather 10 million tokens 30 days ago.

I had always told myself that it's possible to reach a 50 million or 100 million stake with SPORTS token. This presently costs less than $10k but that investment sum would play-out into big figures in the near future.

Without much debate, we all know how huge the sports sector is and how passionate sports fans can be. There lurks a huge potential users of the SPortstalksocial community and by extension, the Hive blockchain. I'm pretty sure that should a sports team or organisation join the SPortsTalk community, the minimum stake they should go for is 50 million in order to cater for their teaming fans and supporters.

If just one curator built 40 million SPORTS stake and the price pushed 500%, what do we think would happen should other curators push 100m? Definitely, that should see SPORTS into the range of 0.1 HIVE. It's still a good time to diversify when it comes to Hive-tokens as all have a huge potential for growth. As LeoFinance community keeps opening up the opportunities that can be leveraged by any Hive token in the crypto space, it is imperative to note that any other token can follow.

$442 has been lost already, do we expect a dip in SPORTS sooner? What if it pomps another 500% in the next few weeks? I imagine the level of development and marketing on LeoFinance could be on SportstalkSocial, then the token would be trading for 10 HIVE. I wish not to say the "I wish" again. Even when SPORTS may not bull now, curating with a stake of 100 million would certainly bring back huge profits. My latest update on SPORTS curation rewards shows a near $100 earning in 30 days for a 35 million token stake.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

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You probably doing sports token
a big favor.
Do not slow down and you may recoup
your loss.
I know time lost never recover
but sports could be different

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One person with shaky math skills can do more than a couple of guys with guns.
Al Capone

Hope I quoted the guy right.

Yeah, thanks for the comments. We don't give up. We don't also cry over spilled milk. We move on!

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well don't get disheartened man that happens some times

Thanks. never disheartened. Was only portraying the opportunities that should have been grabed.

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There is no loss here his tokem keeps growing exponentially as he creates more content wish I could get a delegation of 100k sports I would be active on the community and curate content also

You've not even posted before on https://www.sportstalksocial.com/. You can start up a content creating journey to earn SPORTS. Follow @Cryptoandcoffee to learn of the writing prompts for sports.

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Thanks done, am going through his blog expect my post soon

Drop your link here once you're done.

Even so, those are only paper gains, you'd never be able to realise them, when you sell you'd tank the market because there is zero depth on these tokens, it's really just fun for people who like math

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Lols. things are still in the beginnings. Onboarding the masses to the sports community could speak something more different.

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As with current prices, SPORTS has a market cap of 5 times that of LEO, i am either missing some crucial bit of information or you may be a tad bit too optimistic. With the amount of tokens, your 0.1 hive range would mean an equivalent of more than 10 billion hive.

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I just checked the Market cap of both tokens and it's just too good to be true. We just wait and see what happens in the near future. I may be too optimistic but that certainly doesn't take away the potential on SPORTS. If SPORTS goes to 0.1 HIVE, an account with 10 million SPORTS would be worth a million HIVE or so.

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Yea feels like alot of daytrading happens here to me. Are you calculating the annual inflation rate on your investments and the dips that causes? I'm not a big fan of inflation seems to be pulling the value significantly down on many of these projects so i don't know

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All these details inspired me enough to follow your curation trail, so now, mobi72.curation is another follower of your sports content curation trail.

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