My Engagement Index on Hive Blockchain: 6444 Comments in 900 Days


About two months ago, I penned this post which the emphasized the need for engagement on the Hive blockchain and how #posh initiative was redefined to enhance engagement among community members of HIVE. Indeed, engagement is a true test of a true community of humanity. The situation which birthed HIVE had proven to the world the community feature of Hive and how that can e maximized in building solid projects that can serve the mutual benefits of community members

When I join steem early in 2018, it was during the boom days of steem and cryptocurrency generally and there was an increase in active users as the Price was quite inviting. It was a time that it was quite difficult to notice newbies and there was a great gulf between the old and new users. Those with High SP preferred to vote themselves as the
reward curve then favoured self-votes.

It was quite very difficult to have a good content from a low reputation user to get noticed. Thanks to communities that are in place now on Hive that makes it easier for curators to discover undervalued but quality contents. ALl I could do was to engage in comments. There was that time that I would spend a whole day commenting on other people's posts without creating mine because I couldn't bear the trauma of spending hours to create a post which paid out as $0.00. Those were the very discouraging scenarios for new users then.

I am happy that such times as explained above was as it helped to build an engagement ability in me. I would advise any user that joined after me to ensure he comments on 20 posts daily before making one for the day. That I did and when I say 20 comments, they were factual and unique comments that were either constructively criticizing the content I read or as adding value.

It is beautiful to see that those efforts were recorded by @Arcange's Hivebuzz and it was thrilling to see that I'm closely approaching the 6,500 count of unique comments on posts. Specifically, I have spoken to other Hivians via comments for 6,445 so far. That statistics means that for about 900 days of being here, I have made about 7 comments daily.


I had already unlocked the 6,000 comments count batch and according to @Hivebuzz:

This award rewards you for the comments you made on others posts or comments.
Engage conversations! The more comments you write, the higher your level


These statistics are no mean things for me because I value details and bits as this encourage me for further moves. This is because each time I look at them, I see that my investment of time and material resources have not been in vain. I am a data analyst and we can make a big deal of out of tiny figures.

Also, I noticed that I have received 2,788 replies from other Hivians over the past 2 years and 5 months I have been on the blockchain. I was able to give out 2.3 times the replies I got. It gladdens me to be a giver.


Engagement Redefined

Just two days ago, I read this post by @acidyo on the plans within the OCD community to utilize the ENGAGE tokens created by @abh12345 to reward #POSH. In the real sense, #Posh goes beyond sharing a post to Twitter. It is a call to engagement among members of the community in a way that would make a visitor appreciate and want to share in the discussions.

The Posh token would start off as a centralized point system at first awaiting SMT's.
A bot would check likes, retweets, engagement (comments) on twitter of each account and distribute tokens based off of the performance of the tweet after x hours. This would allow for older posts to be shared as well if they're ever relevant so as long as the posh tokens hold some value it would at the same time give older posts some sort of evergreen rewards - but only for the account sharing them. This is often the author itself but at the same time it would make tweeting monetizable for anyone.
The bot would also check for engagement on the post itself and either hand out some posh tokens or we could use ENGAGE for this as OCD still has over 13k tokens that we bought up earlier and we would continue to buy them up in one way or another so the bot could give those out as well. This would get both tokens some buying pressure.
On top of that we could incentivize good reblogging as well with tokens to whitelisted - source

You may have to keep an eye for the next announcement in that regard and I too would be interested. It i time we gear up engagement and spice up the social aspect of HIVE in order to buzz the fun while we earn.

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Congratulations on all your achievements on Hive @uyobong