Proposed "LeoFinance Weekly Writing Contest": A Call for Suggestions, Sponsorship and Support

I actually got endeared to the LeoFinance community back then on steem when this Weekly Writing Contest was initiated. Indeed, many other content creators were endeared to use the interfae because of the awesome rewards that contest conveyed. Now that we are looking for an increased usage of the LeoFinance frontend, incentivised content creation are one of the bait to have creators use a particular front end.

I'm aware of the great development that @khaleelkazi and his teadm are engaged in especially to have the novel running in line with designed roadmap. This much work is done alongside other UI fixes on other DApps of the LeoFinance ecosystem viz: which offers cryptocurrency and blockchain education and the grand #Leoshop which would serve as marketplace to attach tangible value to HIVE and Hive-engine tokens;thus, I have resolved to contribute my quota in bringing more users to the Leofinance frontend by setting this writing contest rolling out.

Writing contests are avenues for people to learn how to write and as well sharpen their writing skills. It surges a great deal of engagement if well managed. Irrespective of the social live here, finance is crucial and one of the reasons that make Hive users choose here over other social-media platforms.

Already, I have made efforts to rebrand the contest logo/banner image and would likely share options by tomorrow. I really want this contest up and running as it promises great benefits for the participants and the community at large.

Good content requires good effort in time and intellect to create as such, there is no ad in having them specially rewarded with contests which have prizes attached.

I therefore call on the members of the LeoFinance community to consider supporting this writing contest which is expected to come on weekly basis as it would help bring more users to the LeoFinance frontend.

Who Will Sponsor and How? (My Opinion)

  • First , I request the league of our great curators to indicate their interest to join a curation trail with 100% VPspecifically for the contest entries and winners.
  • I request reputable members of the community to volunteer as judges for the writing contest.
  • I'm aware of the essence of building LEO stake, as such, I suggest that those who would want to give out Liquid LEO tokens should consider staking them in favour of the authors, so that the market would not be flooded.

Proposed Contest Details

I had to borrow a leaf from the initial contest initiative to propose these details below.

1. There would be a Writing Prompt each week.

Weeks ago, when I first made a mention of this contest, @forexbrokr made a solid contribution in the comments which read thus:

To compete with the sheer amount of content that Investopedia currently have and the keywords they rank for, we're going to need an army of writers - Which is something we actually have here.

We could easily run competitions for LEO upvotes, to get a shitload of LeoPedia content created, fast.

Do our keyword research and create all of the URLs with H1's that we want to rank for. Then say to the LeoFinance community, "you go and post blogs to essentially write the content for us, with a link to that URL".

If your content (or part of it because you're going to have so much to choose from), is actually used for that LeoPedia final page, then you get an even bigger LEO upvote or reward.

We could get a lot of quality content smashed out fast, while building a good initial network of backlinks to the final LeoPedia URLs.

I support the assertion above and see it a possibility.

2. Entries must be done through the frontend,

There would be a defined tag to be used for the curation operation.

4. Entry Fee: 5 LEO

The tokens to be sent to a dedicated account with post link in memo — the posts would will be saved for curation and then send 100% of these fees to @null and burn them.

4. Minimum of 300 words

5. Deadline for Submissions

Exactly 5 days from each week's contest prompt.


Curators who wish to support could join a "defined LEO trail" (maybe @leolearn or a new account) to be used specifically for the upvote of the contest entries and nothing more.

Proposed Prize Pool

  • First Place —> 100 LEO Power + 100% curation from dedicated contest trail.
  • Second Place —> 65 LEO Power + 75% curation from dedicated contest trail.
  • Third Place —> 35 LEO Power + 75% curation from dedicated contest trail.
  • Other entries —> 50% curation from dedicated contest trail.
  • All entries maybe eligible for upvotes from @Leo.voter

The above would only require a total of 200 Liquid LEO (for stake) each week and that would be staked for the winners. I am hopeful that the curation train could pull as much as 150 LEO or more in vote to the entries.

I will volunteer to organize this contest if I have enough suport from the community. This is my way of helping to bring more creators to Leofinance.

Please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section and as well indicate your support. The prices could be well improved.

I'll gladly make an updated prompt after supports and suggestions have been received.

Meanwhile, I'll be glad to curate a fresh #leofinance content published from the interface. The post must not be older than mine. Feel free to submit the post link to the comments section of this post and consider adhering to the #posh rule. Already, I have made a couple of guide posts to help you create acceptable leofinance posts seamlessly:

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Happy to see that you're taking the initiative and bringing the idea to life.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yeah, I believe you'll too support.

Posted Using LeoFinance

It is a great idea. I like the concept of trying to get SEO rankings by using imperative links and keywords like Investopedia does.

We need to make sure it is finance, crypto, markets related. I guess that is solved by putting out the topic each week (for example: what do you think the impact will be over the next 5 years of the quantitative easing we are seeing and why?). This will allow us to use the keywords as targets.

Count me in for 50 LEO towards the 200 in the prize pool for the first week.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yeah, thanks for being the first supporter. I would also love if you'll be among the judges to rate the entries. Maybe you suggest a theme for the first week that would make an interesting read for you.

what do you think the impact will be over the next 5 years of the quantitative easing we are seeing and why? Could that be? or maybe you rework that.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Not a problem. Yeah I can try to rework it if you need it.

As for a judge, sure I can try to help out there.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Hi @uyobong I support this contest and would happily sign up as a participate. To inspire more and since I love the idea maybe this will help! @tipu curate

Posted Using LeoFinance

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/4)

@uyobong I didn't know what tag to use as you indicate you will require from this contest, but you did mention to go ahead and provide posts I want to submit into the contest. I wrote one specifically for the contest as recommended by you in your introduce yourself topics.

Let me know if this qualifies!

Post-Link: My Journey to Bitcoin Almost 4 Years Ago...

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'll curate your blog, however, the contest has not yet begun.

Posted Using LeoFinance

If I am right , the results of last Leofinance Weekly contest was never released.

Other entries —> 50% curation from dedicated contest trail.
All entries maybe eligible for upvotes from @Leo.voter

Above rules are good and bad . They are good because they ensure participation but they are bad because they can attract low content also because they know participation will be guaranteed upvoted.

Posted Using LeoFinance

What are your suggestions to make the contest better.

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  1. I will say that you should DM to khaleelkazi to understand why "Leo Writing contest" was abandoned" .

  2. Entry Fee: 5 LEO

    Majority of time Fees always act as barrier >

  3. Other entries —> 50% curation from dedicated contest trail.

    50% fixing for all is not good, entries can get the 100% to 0% of vote that jury can find fit.

I support this contest. I would also encourage that there should be no restriction on reputation so as to encourage new users to participate.

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