Rabona Open Beta Testing Date fixed for September 25th

There is no need to overemphasize the extent to which the integration of blockchain and crypto to sports and its wide adoption can influence crypto prices. This is because there are a lot of passionate sports enthusiasts and all that decentralized applications and crypto communities need to explode are such passionate users.

I've been keeping my eye fixed to the Rabona Project launch as projected by Rondras who seems to be the project leader. There have been series of updates on Rondras' blog over the past few weeks and following the updates have been exciting. Reason is simple, Rabona is a sports based game.

Rabona is a manager game, which means it is part of the fun to invest and earn, but also to have recurring expenses. These expenses include for example player salaries. You cannot simply buy a great player and then use it for free forever - you will incur salary costs for every player and the salary will most likely be significantly higher for a top player then for an average Joe.

This means, that we need to deduct some costs automatically from you your account, as they do not result from any imminent action you take in the game - but instead because of something you did in the past. As we obviously cannot do that with your Hive, we need an in-game currency - which is called RBN.

To add to the excerpts above, More can be read here. Rabona is propose to run with an in-game token for Rabona called RBN. This is what is utilized for income and expenses. More information can be explained here. I am anticipating thata a successful launch of this game as a way of bring more sports lovers and team managers top Hive blockchain if a strategic marketing is put in place. I'll do my best to project the game and its usecases just like I did for other interesting projects on Hive.

About three weeks ago, I emphasixed in this post, the need for Rabona game to collaborate with a community like SPortstalksocial to draw up some tangible dividends for the game. I am looking at the Rabona game allowing to interaction of RBN with SPOTS token which has huge liquidity and could power a leage management game like Rabona.

The Big News

About 17 days ago, a closed beta testing was started for Rabona game and that was successfully completed in a week or so. The outcome and feedbacks of the closed beta testing has provided tangible information for further upgrade of the project. One of the major development is the improved line-up progress which clarifies the positions of the which players.


While we started with 10 Beta testers, this number has increased by now to about 25 test users, to whom I want to say a big thank you already. You guys have helped us a lot, not only to find bugs but also to give valuable input and ideas for improvements or new functionality.

With the success recorded on the closed Beta testing, September 25 has been announced as the date for the Open Beta Testing. This means that anybody with a Hive account who has interest in sports can try out some activities in the Rabona game ecosystem.

One beautiful thing about the Open beta launch is that the game would be tokenized with an innovative tokenomics on Hive which allows for user collaboration to own a club

We have structured the game in a way that clubs play against each other - not users. This means, that a club can also have more than one owner. We will therefore provide a possibility to divide ownership of a club into small pieces, which can be tokenized. This means that owners of a successful club will be able to sell parts of their club to other users, which will then in turn automatically receive their share of the rewards.

That's a huge stuff coming around. Something similar to that is SPInvest LEO pooling for wrapping LEO into the ETH blockchain. Where users have to collaborate for the team management, it reduces the risks attached to the financial aspect of the teams.

I'll personally take advantage of that feature to have local sports teams to join Hive and collaborate to run their sports team.

Watch-out for 25th September, 18:00 CET, for Rabona Open Beta launch

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wow this is going to be very interesting, i am looking forward to it kick off date. i am in for sure. but i still need more understanding, is it going to be more like a visual kind of gaming?

It's something you'll like I believe. Just keep the date and parttake in the beta launch.

ok sir i am looking forward to that...

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