STEEM vs HIVE: The Battle for Superiority


The aove screenshot is taken on the Leodex trading pair of SteemP and HiveP. Both tokens are the original and foked steem tokens respectively. Steem is run by Steemit Inc while Hive is run by a group of human witnesses that think alike and are in dire need for true decentralization.

On discovering that there is a trading pair between STEEM and HIVE tokens on the steem-engine market or Leodex market, I decided to deposit some HIVE tokens to trade. Amazingly, Hive is leading steem by 33 percent. This means that for every 1 HIVE, you get 1.33 Steem.

While it may not be clearly written out, these two chains are competing for superiority and this is what will bring out the true value of each of the chains. Steem has been an amazing place I saw two years ago but could not pass the decentralization test. Now with the emergence of hive, it would pressure steem developers and investors to put in their best to ensure that their token gains value. This is because both chains run similar products and therefore one must must prove to be better than the other to gain mass adoption.

I'm sincerely loving this competition which would put the leadership on both sides on their heels to give the best for the teeming masses.

As some projects are moving from one chain to the other, the changes in the value of steem and hive would to a significant level affect the value of the tokens attached to each side.

Let's watch the match unfold...

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Hi friend, I hope this is a good question

Leodex is a currency exchange?

I need to market my steem, sbd, hive and hbd tokens.

I would appreciate your help or in which money exchange would I go?

do you have discord channel, and now what about hive sports network, we can post and use sports stake power to hive post or not

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment