The 3Ws of Using LeoFinance Interface: Who, What, Why?

The core of blockchain technology has been towards financial autonomy for internet users, having made a case for transparency, speed and immutability of its transactions. The Hive blockchain stepped further to give much more value to social blogging by incentivising both the content creators and consumers. Thus, we see that in all of the creations and integrations in blockchain technology, finances have been at the center.

Among the diverse content categorizations within the Hive blockchain- photography, education, Christianity, science, technology, sports, etc, LeoFinance has dedicate itself to promote "finance" related content which is the core of blockchain features, especially as it relates to cryptocurrencies.

Having given that brief, the essence of this log is to present what I call the "3Ws of Using LeoFinance Interface" in your bogging and curation experience on the Hive blockchain. These 3 Ws constitute the questions "Who, What and Why" as it relates with using the LeoFinance interface of Hive. Specifically, this log will address the following:

Attempting to answer these questions will help prospective LEO investors and bloggers to get acquainted with the LeoFinance interface and as well see reasons to use the interface.

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1. WHO Should use LeoFinance?

  • Anyone who owns a Hive account.
  • Anyone who desires to blog or vlog on Hive. Signup here
  • A cryptocurrency enthusiast
  • A financial analyst
  • A Digital asset broker
  • A student of Finance and related field of study
  • A researcher
  • AN investor on Hive and related tokens
  • A community leader on Hive blockchain
  • A Financial Journalist

2. WHAT do You Post/Do on LeoFinance?

  • Blogging/vlogging/commenting (content creation) on finance, investment, money or cryptocurrency related themes
  • Upvoting and rewards distribution (content curation) on finance, investment, money or cryptocurrency related themes
  • Decentralized funding
  • blockchain-based gaming logging and reviews
  • Community tokenization reports
  • Community Growth reviews
  • Freelance work
  • Escrow
  • Data storage and distribution
  • Financial journals/ research outcomes
  • Guide post for earning cryptocurrencies
  • Earn LEO token

3. WHY should You Use LeoFinance for your Hive Activities?

The plan of LeoFinance is to focus primarily on outward marketing to users outside of the Hive blockchain. One of the essential aspects to a brighter Hive future is a healthy and growing base of users, and LeoFinance hopes to make a big dent in this ambition.

LeoFinance interface of Hive is hugely hosig Ads. Proceeds form hosting Ads is used to grow LEO value. When Ad revenue is received, it's in the form of BTC. These funds are then converted to HIVE and it is being distributed to the @leoads account. This account is responsible for burning LEO off the market throughout each month at random timings. This means that LEO value would always be improving and that means a healthy ROI for all investors.

I hope that with the above elucidated points, i have been able to convince you reading this post on the need to start using the LeoFinance interface of Hive at least for 30 minutes of your daily blogging/curation times.

Know the LeoFinance Ecosystem is an online community for crypto & finance content creators, powered by Hive and the LEO token economy.

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Great post on Leo. I didn't really appreciate it's community and understand the intent of the community as well as I do after reading this post.

Thanks for providing the world insight into LEO

Oh thanks really much for these encouraging words. I'm happy it made sense.

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Good summary of Leofinance and what it offers.

We all need to think of ways to move this to the next level. A lot of possibilities, just need to get them going.

Finance and cryptocurrency opens up a great deal for all of us to share in. It is vital to bring in people who can benefit.

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I'm given to full promotion of LeoFinance while making solid contributions to the #Leopedia page.

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  ·  last month (edited)

Nice post! Seems like I should do a deeper dive into LEO tokenomics. The ad burn program seems like a nice touch.

I do hold some LEO but it is not a very significant amount of my overall portfolio. Perhaps if I dive a little deeper, I can justify adding more to my positions :)

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It thrills me to see that you found the post inspiring. Will be glad to see you make analytics on LEO.

Posted Using LeoFinance

So educative.


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