Trading, Staking, Delegating, Looking-up SPORTS Token on the New "LeoDex"


There's one thing that excites me about the Hive blockchain - creativity in development. Several communities and developers have showcased in depth professionalism in their outputs and this makes our blogging/curating/investing experience enjoyable.


In the last few days, I succeeded in having the Hive Keychain working perfectly well in my PC and this prompted me to resume using LeoDex for my Hive Tokens transactions. I had missed using LeoDex and helping to add more to Ad rewards over the last few weeks. It awed my imagination to login this evening after a hectic day to see that the new version of LeoDex has been launched. That's when I headed to Leofinance to see the latest update on Leodex.


It's simply unique and a beautiful UI. I will e glad to use LeoDex to teach my Hive mentees on how to manage their second layer earnings on Hive blockchain. I know it will be interesting. This evening, I decided to play around the new LeoDex with SPORTS transactions including buying tokens, transferring tokens, staking, delegating and look-up of richlist and token history.


I'll be glad to share another more detailed review on the new LeoDex. With Hive keychain. using the new Leodex is amazing and I am hoping this will drive much more value to the Leofinance community which means more ad revenue and better token price.


Already, there is a 66% rise in LeoDex's user stats according to Hivedapps. I am hopeful that this statistics is going to grow over time and that would change the face of the ad rewards from LeoDex at the end of the month.

Back to the onus of the post...

Just today, I have powered up some hundreds of SPORTS token and this brings my total stake of the token to 26 million. It is cool to take advantage of the bear market of the Hive tokens due to HIVE pumps. As shown in the depth chart below, we can see som much of the tokens being dumped.

While looks at this chart creates fear in some investors, others are maximizing it to enrich themselves with huge volumes of tokens at a very cheap rate. It makes more sense for long term investors who want to maximize their profits by curation till the price of the token makes more meaning.

Like I said earlier, this season would mark one of the cheapest moments for the SPORTS token and in the next bull run for the token when sports teams and organizations would be joining us, it would be interesting to see SPORTS worth 0.001 HIVE. While others are dumping the token, take advantage and acquire more.

If you have made a recent "quality" #sportstalk post of at least 200 words, drop the link in the comments section of this post and reblog the post for a huge upvote from my 26 million stake.

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