Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: HIVE @ $1; LEO @ 2HIVE

When something is undervalued, it means that the value attached to it is far less than it does really worth as per its usage and potentials. Such is the situation with HIVE and LEO cryptocurrencies. I can remember vividly that weeks ago marked when I sold a single unit of token earned from blogging at $0.97 in the past 18 months. That's when HIVE pumped. I never thought HIVE could go back to these low value of $0.27 for the past two weeks or so.

When we look to the Hive Ecosystem, we see a growing and robust blockchain which keeps improving each passing day. HiveDapps records 19.56 daily transactions on Hive blockchain with 3.65 Daily active users.

More amazing is the fact that the number of DApps building on Hive blockchain are growing everyday. As at the time of penning this post, we have 21 kicking DApps which are attracting new users to the ecosystem in the coming days. I am valuing HIVE at $1 base price and it should only dance around there or scale further.

Within the Hive ecosystem is the LeoFinance community concerned with promoting "finance" related content which is the core of blockchain features. LEO token which is the native token of the LeoFinance community is used to reward content creators and curators in this community.

I have been so keenly interested in investing in LEO token having discovered its potentials in powering many systems coupled with the visionary drive of the leadership of the community. So far, LeoFinance has been able to roll out four solid projects that are adding value to Hive ecosystem in general:

As at this time of writing this post, LEO is selling for 0.1 HIVE and to me its an underrated value owing to the croth of the community and great additions in terms of DApps to the Hive ecosystem. Truth be told, I am seeing LEO at 2 HIVE. This was envisaged from inception as captured in the introduction post of the tribe.

The Sell Wall will be set at 2 STEEM HIVE/LEO and will be for a total 2 million LEO on the Steem-Engine DEX. Ongoing bounties will help to distribute 3 million LEO to active users over the coming years. This LEO will be distributed slowly and carefully to users that we believe will add value to the Steemleo network in the long-term. One of our objectives is to onboard a few mid to high-profile influencers to Steemleo and the Steem blockchain and use bounties to entice their communities as well. - source

One may fail to believe my assertions above, but the truth is, there are a very few LEO tokens in circulation and the community is making a priority of buying out tokens in the market and burning same. This would always have the tolen to be n a bull run.

The price chart above speaks volume about LEO as at the time of penning this post. This rate is about 4 times the value as at two weeks ago. Gradually, LEO is heading towards the 1HIVE mark and it would surpass it.

LeoFinanc community prides to have 2 of its DApps running and listed on HiveDApps with daily increasing usage and utilization. This again speaks volumes about the token and its potential growth.

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There is a lot happening with the LEO ecosystem. I liked the announcement that we will see the H-E tokens added to Hivestats. I think that will be a major step forward.

I also liked your idea of enabling sign up for a Hive account using LEO. That would add another use case to the equation.

Slowly but surely things are expanding.

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Surely, when all these developments roll-out, we'll see LEO pump and that would be a good deal for Hive too.

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