What do you do when your favourite H-E token begins to moon?


Many users on Hive are seeing Hive-engine tokens as shitty and the metamorphosis of LEO in few months after the move to Hive has been a shocking thing to many. However, this is just the beginnings of the future. I can't forget in a hurry that the creation of Hive communities which was a prerequisite to Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) was one of the most awesome developments on the Steem/Hive chain. While we await SMTs, some Hive-engine tokens has performed credibly well and also showcases the power of Hive's second layer.

Since my discovering of Hive-engine tokens and their potentials towards the near future, I've rallied my crypto researches around them and I've been at my est to marketing this great development on the Hive blockchain. When I shared my yesterday's blog on SPORTS curation earnings between mid September and October, 2020 on Steem blockchain, it caught users interested in joining the league of #sportstalk curators and promised top up their stakes.It seems that has happened already as there is some tangible growth in SPORTS price over the last 20 hours while I was away.


Interesting to see that SPORTS had scaled to 0.0002 HIVE already and that seems to be the all-time-high price since the movement to Hive blockchain. The next pump would take the token to the 0.00025 HIVE price mark. Things are getting greener as shown in the chart and it can only get better. There is a stiff competition among top 10 SPORTS stake richlist as per reaching the 50 million tokens make (in stake).

We are having some new investors coming in to buy and power-up SPORTS. I see the token zoom once a development announcement comes live. Remember, the sports teams are yet to be here. Their arrival would makes things more bullish. While I saw the awesome pomp in SPORTS token, I decided to add one million to my stake. Staying on top of the list with other enthusiastic investors is an awesome experience. There are tem mark.ptations of dumping the Hive engine tokens once they exhibit a bullish move, that's why I prefer to stake them.

I see staking as the best way to wait for. the future while taking advantage of the curation earnings as I shared. As at now, the worth of the SPORTS curation earning should push closer to the $60. Reaching a point where $200 would be a monthly curation take-home would be a juicier experience. This is why I'm staking more SPORTS.

Youcan head to LeoDex to buy some more SPORTS before it bulls further and becomes too costly to buy. Looking back to April 2020, we can see a swift push from 0.00002 HIVE per SPORTS to the present 0.0002 HIVE value.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

I'll love to know what you do when your favourite H-E token begins to moon. Hodl or Stake or Dump?

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Incredible, good luck always

LOL convert it to Bitcoin and chill, everything in altcoins for me is about getting more Bitcoin

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