What happened to SPORTS Token? The 400% Pump


At about 02:51 (GMT+1) today, that's four hours ago when I was about going to bed I noticed some unexpected rise in the %Change in SPORTS token. I know that SPORTS has a huge potential within but never saw it mooning so soon. I've always been futuristic about the SPORTS token because I now that finally mass adoption of crypto would hot the sports sector and the token is well placed, being on the Hive blockchain.

In fact it just happened few minutes after I submitted this post mentioning SPORTS as one of the Hive-tokens I would love to hodl for the next 20 years. I never saw it happening in the next few months, yet, the unexpected happened.

As at the time of writing this post, SPORTS is valued at $0.00001 but this is quite undervalued for a token which powers a huge sector as sports with billions of fans and supported around the world... I'm personally looking at SPORTS at $0.001 in the next 2 years too.

How fast things change on the Crypto space. This comes along with jerks and sometimes with the exclamation "I wish I bought-in". I shared some related thoughts in this post. @shortsegments followed my series of posts showing optimism for SPORTS and acquired over 2 million tokens at 0.00005 HIVE per token, now he should be happy he took the decision quite early.

This is an interesting opportunity. The price of Sports is very small, 0.00005 so a small investment of hive creates a large stack. I am unsure what the odds of success of the project are though. You have faith in it though and your enthusiasm is very clear. I seems you believe in its future and you aren’t waiting for good things to fall in your lap, you are actively trying to make things happen. I think that’s great and you deserve support, so I am going to buy a million Sports Talk Tokens and start following the Trending page there to see how the activity is...thanks for the information. - @shortsegments

400% Change for SPORTS - A Wild bullish Start

Yeah! you read well, it was a 400% pump. From 0.00005HIVE per SPORTS to 0.0002 HIVE per SPORTS token. That's an amazing start for the bullish run for the SPORTS token. As shown in the screenshot below, there was a singular buy of 4.08 million SPORTS token at 0.0002 HIVE price and that amounted to 216 HIVE in all.

Over 8 million SPORTS tokens were purchased in all between 0.00005 to 0.0002 HIVE price. That wasn't any sports team coming in. It was jut two or more buyers or perhaps a community buy for burning. I can't tell at the moment.

The buy almost cleared up the sell flange of the SPORTS market orders. We can see from the screenshot that SPORTS could be sold for 0.1 HIVE and that would be as owning BTC in 2009 and having some good amount in your wallet 5 years after. 0.1HIVE per SPORTS looks too expensive, 0.01 looks cool and moderate.


That singular trade has pushed SPORTS from below top 20 Hive-engine tokens in terms of market capitalization to the ninth position above LEO. Interesting things would e happening. Just stay around and fix your eyes on the hive-tokens.

I had mentioned in my previous post that LEO, SPORTS, LIST, CTP and CHARY are my best picks when I look at a long term HODLing. Things would turn out drastically great for Hive if SPORTS gets adopted by football clubs worldwide.


@Sportstalksocial is Waking up!

It would be unfair if other Hive tokens do not wake up in solidarity to LEO token. Yes, that push must be contagious and that would being some solid attention to HIVE. The earlier we come to terms with the fact that communities are the future of Hive blockchain, the better.

I think it's time to get involved if you weren't. Projects built on Hive's second layer are beginning to express itself and users are beginning to understand it. Already, there some life around the SPORTS market as well as https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ websites as content creators are encouraged to earn more SPORTS to take advantage of the price pump.

We are still at the genesis mode as things will double up in the coming weeks and months. It's just the safe time to buy in as 400% pump is still in the bear region. The bull should take sports into the realms of $0.001.

Let's share the news more to friends and family to help them take advantage while its this cheap. This could be the best investment advice you may be giving to them.

Remember, on Hive, we all own our keys. It's your responsibility to secure your assets both on the base and second layer.

Incase you're new, Here's what SPORTS represent.

SPORTS is a second layer token on Hive blockchain that powers the sports community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the SportsTalkSocial community. All a Hive user needs to do is write about real and virtual sports and use the tag #sportstalk. At the interim, the only available way of profiting from SPORTS token is to stake it and upvote #sportstalk contents for 45% curation rewards. It's my wish that we could onboard standard sports teams to the community and/or have say 2 games built to utilize the token.

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I quite like the creativity in your write up and will gladly love to learn from you.

I think that the pump will be more in the times to come..

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Now is just a safe time to buy-in.

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Saw the pump this morning... And I'm glad that I have made an action when it was cheap-cheap and bought some (thanks for the tip)... not some crazy amount, but still happy with my decision... Staking, accumulating, and keeping open some buy orders... ;)

Yeah, entering the investment when they're cheap is quite comforting. Early adopters would always be rewarded in the crypto sphere.

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Son excelentes noticias llevo meses que inverti en dos millones de token y creo que es el comienzo de de la bomba de los token hive.

That's nice still buying sports weekly on my alternate account can't wait for when 1 sports will be equal too 1ngn so I can be a millionaires

You cay that again. Soon, we'll see 1 SPORTS equate 1NGN. That's a great wish. let's hodl and stake them for now.

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