Which Token(s) is(are) your Favourite on Hive-Engine? Mine: LEO and SPORTS

In all thy Token Hodlings/Stakings, Hodl/Stake LEO and SPORTS


My exp[erience in the use of steem-engine hive-engine is gradually approaching it's first year, and it's really been an educating journey as relating to crypto trading. Prior to my joining steem in January, 2020, I knew nothing about blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency. Even after starting the journey on steem, token trading was like a very complex thing and I couldn't see myself daring to give it a try.

Thanks to @Aggroed and his team for thinking of steem-engine and now hive-engine which for me was a hands-on school to get trained on cryptocurrency trading. Most of the tokens on my steem-engine (SE) wallet were airdropped following my stake of PAL which was the first SE token, however, I made deliberate investment and trading in some tokens over the months of using SE. The ear days of steem made most of those tokens that started well to loose value.

Thanks to some tribes that have proven reasonable doubts that they meant well for users for sustaining value in their tokens till now. While on SE, my favourite tokens were SPORTS, LEO, MARLIANS, DBLOG, STEM, PAL, AFIT, and others, in that order. However, over time, the value of those tokens have changed and my priorities in acquiring them have also changed based on their utility, scalability, inflation and market value.

With the shift from steem to the hive blockchain, we saw the emergence of Hive-engine (HE) and some tokens have already moved from SE. At this time, LEO and SPORTS are my priorities when it comes to investment, followed by STEM, KANDA and others.

1. LEO

Read more about LEO and LeoFinance here
LEO now traded on Hive-engine is a token earned for posting finance, money, and cryptocurrency related contents on the hive blockchain. All you need to do is login to https://leofinance.io/ and create a post. The tribe was created by @khaleelkazi LEO is Hive-engine token with the greatest utility on the hive blockchain. So far, I have a stake of 1,000 LEO and I hope to grow the stake on a weekly basis. My favourite content creators on the LeoFinance community are @Taskmaster4550le, @forexbrokr @Mindtrap @rollandthomas.


Read more about SPORTS and SportsTalkSocial here

SPORTS now traded on Hive-engine is a token earned for posting sports related contents on the hive blockchain. It is one of the cheapest token on the hive-engine market and as well as one the tribe with the most published contents. All you need to do is login to https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ and create a sports related post. The tribe was created by @Patrickulrich. Currently, I have a stake of 10 million SPORTS domiciled in my curation account @Uyobong.sports. My favourite content creators in the Sports Talk Social community content creators are @cryptoandcoffee @razackpulo.sport @dfacademy @botefarm and @rezoanulvibes.

If i'll have to choose side tokens again and again on hive-engine, I will still choose LEO and SPORTS.

Thank you for your time. I'll love to have a read of your your favourite Hive-engine tokens as well.

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For me LEO and Stem

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STEM is one that I took a look at early and got sidetracked.

What do you find valuable about that community?

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Same with me. It's sad that it doesn't have a posting tribe. STEM is not linked to STEMSocial, if it did, that would have been a great stride for the token.

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Awesome to know this. Cheers.

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Mine, by far, is LEO.

I think it has the most potential since there is a lot happening which we can see simply by watching. Updates are fairly consistent along with some "teasers" as to what is coming up. There is a burn that takes place each month from the advertising that is driven to the site.

Sure, there are probably other projects equally as worthy since I am not familiar with them all.

I believe the long term game is going to do well for those who are dedicated to LEO.

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You're right. LEO is at the fore of all the hive tribes we have. The most engaging as much as I know and of-course with the most utility. Other tokens, are just following.

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For me the key is development. As long as I can see that happening with a project, then all is good in my opinion.

For example, what is happening with Palnet? Has their been any recent announcements? Perhaps there is something big taking place behind the scenes but most of us know little. Only silence.

With Leofinance, there is consistent updates, even if it isnt major.

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As long as I can see that happening with a project, then all is good in my opinion.

This is one problem with the #sportstalksocial tribe. The other day, I have been shouting about their regular updates. Even if there is nothing new, updates kindles the hopes of project users that the leadership is still on course.

On communication, I give an "A" to LeoFinance. This is what is also helping steem to stay afloat of recent. Regular communication.

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On communication, I give an "A" to LeoFinance. This is what is also helping steem to stay afloat of recent. Regular communication.

I agree.

In addition to the communication, we see @khaleelkazi active, posting videos on a regular basis. This is a big piece of the community knowing that one of the founders is active.

It is vital to present a road map and follow it. Even it not 100% successful with each step, at least people can chart the progress.

Hopefully we see something similar with Hive at large.

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What happens to the community you created - DecentralizeUrlife?

and if the steem-engine is closed it will not be possible because many tokens you are still available on the steem-engine even just the steem-engine turns into hive.steem-engine

I do not believe Steem engine is closing. Some tokens moved over to Hive engine because they migrated their front ends there.

Steem engine tokens can still be traded. There are a number of projects that opted to remain on Steem.

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I don't think that is even possible. but if the steem-engine in the lid is very sad right but I have made sure that the steem-engine. can also be opened I just opened the steem-engine
that is my estimation of steem-engine


Tokens that moved to hive-engine are no more trading on steem-engine. You have to confirm that before trading any token on steem-engine so as not to purchase a token that is of no use.

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yes thanks for the information friend