Theinkwell poetry challenge : He's my goat

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There he sits
Watching over us like the cloud
Standing for all that's right
Even when everything feels dark and depressing
He shines through like the sun

He's a tower of strength and the pillar we lean on
He's not rich neither is he proud
Hustling, toiling and striving all day long
Coming home everyday with a tired face
His sacrifices ignored, he's barely celebrated

He knows we may not be the best kids
But he never gave up on us
Even when things seems bad, roads filled with thorns
He's always there holding us close with strong arms
Teaching us life tricks and lessons with concern and genuine love
He's my dad, the goat with a heart of gold
My favourite greatest of all time

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Sounds like the G.O.A.T. to me (with my dad coming in for the TIE)!

That's cool

Fathers are such heroes. Thank you for honoring them with this piece, hope someday I can live up to the image of the father painted in this piece. Well done. Cheers!

Thanks okiki

@tipu curate

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Thank you

The extraordinary ones who live up to the pressures of fatherhood and it's overwhelming responsibilities.

Yeah, they are amazing