Hi all, i am @adesojisouljay, in my attempt and sesirr to mine my human as a ulogger and legitimate illiterate, i am improvising and innovating with the available resources.

I have been creating videos with 'filmora' and I'm gradually developing my skills in video making

Everything so called hard are so simple, hardness is a perception. When the hardest things are considered simple, we'll see how simple they are.

So I created this video for hive that reveals an insight into hive;

You can share on social media and spread the good news about hive.

Thanks to everyone who came out for me when i needed house rent. i haven't settled the bills but what you all have done means a lot. GRATITUDE!

@surpassinggoogle, isaria, @greenhouseradio, fracasgrimm.

@theycallmedan has also supported me both on steem and hive, GRATITUDE!

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