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Another question to be answered! can hive create wonders ? can hive still shake the world and even result to the emanation of giants and great men? can hive fix the rarity in the great men industry ?

Ofcourse, the extent of the wonders which hive can create depends on the users of hive. We determine the state of hive at all times. thinking about what happened recently on steem? many peopel placed demand on steem just to have blurt also, and the price shoot up. Can't we buy hive even without any other self centerdness attached ?

For hive to shake the world, the uses of hive has to be unshakable. We need to stand firm in the presence of the most obvious challenge. When you stand firm, you embarrass a challenge. The greatest testimony we can give to hive is to remain fixed either bulls or bear! Know what you represent and stand for without compromising.

i am @adesojisouljay, i am fixed like a statue!

The emanation of world influencers is very possible on hive but we need to give essence to the evolution of humans. No longer should essence or consideration be given sentimentally but with conscience. Where the intention and cinscious will of a human to grow is revealed. Real huamn evolution is intentional, it happens consciously.

For there to be solution in the scarcity and rarity in the great men industry, real human curation and encouragement must be considered. Ulog doesn't curate based on personal or sentimental relationship. The concept of Ulog is to ensure real human growth and curate the human's effort. Teardrops gives an essence and value to your struggles and effort even as you tend to mine your human.

I hope you understand?

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