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I woke up today and the question crossed my mind. So i feel I should answer based on my revelation about steem.

I have written a lot about the potentials of steem, i have spoken in videos, even the extenet to which steem can impact the world. The potentials of steem even to the emanation of giants and leaders in the world can not be under estimated. But i have said repeatedly, this all depends on the users of steem. The growth of steem depends on our view and how we use it.

We can not use steem better than we perceive it. Have you considered remaining on steem even inspite of hardship and difficulties ? i am @adesojisouljay, i am a living testimony to this. My journey on steem has been a struggle, i have remained on steem when the price was weighty and when the price became weak. i have kept on posting even when there were votes on my posts and when there was not.

So what is it that would change now about my presence on steem ? Absolutely nothing. i will endure even more considering the potentials of steem.

For there to be better days on steem, we all need perception from the angle of steem's potentials. Every change that happens on steem, we are the factor. We are the change elements. Minnows or whales, newbies or oldbies as you may term it. We can spark up something.

I haven't considered steem as dead, so i want you also not to.

To everyone who lost there steem power and all in their wallet, my heart goes out for you. I feel sorry for you and i am touched in my soul.

@theycallmedan, thanks for all you did with your voting power when you had it. You supported me until your voting power was removed! i am touched in my soul and my heart because even i was affected by it. And not only that, i remember @surpassinggoogle once mentioned how generous you were to him at his time of challenge. GRATITUDE!

To everyone who still wants to be on steem, I'd like to remind you of your uniqueness, you can spark up something even to the revelation of the essence and potential of steem.

Something great can still happen.

i am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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