Prior to the power challenge that constantly manifests itself in the continent of Africa and mostly reveals itself in the nation of Nigeria. Where an ordinary machine can be trusted even more than the government. A typical Nigerian would rather trust a generator rather than trust the government for for power supply.

When the government fails to supply, there comes another burden upon the citizens to get a power generator, leading to unnecessary struggles.

How long shall we continue in this mess? I would rather look for a way to surmount all these.

Where Nigeria is the source and generation of petroleum, the price of petroleum is even more expensive, therefore to power up the generator is a major challenge(the cost of fuel and all).

Nigeria has generation plants that could power the country non-stop, but her leaders would prefer to exchange it for some gold and penny, leaving the rest of the country in the dark.

All these reveals the result of incompetent leaders.

Is leadership meant for some group of people alone?I I have always known that every human is a leader. When an essence is given to the true nature of the human even to the evolution of the legitimate illiteracy, leadership becomes very simple.

Where a leader becomes an Uloger, there would be no faking leadership in government. The essence of raw materials and natural gifts to each nation is for leaders to mine their human and appy the 'down to earth' innovation. Making sure that everyone citizen partakes of the benefit of the national resources.

Therefore we need some Ulogers and legitimate illiterates in government.

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Nigeria is a country blessed with so many Natural and Human resources but the distribution is the main problem. There are people who have harvested all these resources to themselves and their immediate family. We even see some flaunt this wealth on social media, having NGOs and helping the masses around. But where do they get this wealth? Did they work for it? How can a country as big as Nigeria cannot generate enough energy to power the Country, I also make use of Generator here where I stay in Ile ife, it's really bad my brother, There was a day I couldn't sleep at all just because some guys refused to off their generator, till it went off around 5am. Some people suggested we should go solar but the renewable energy is not cheap in Nigeria. I know one day we will be free.

The problem is majorly the leadership... there is a need for the emergence of Uloggers in readership. Where people can apply the content of their being in leadership.

You are right my brother! We keep recycling all the old men who doesn't understand why they are being elected to the position. I know one day we will get there.


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