Ulog #5: a visit to the village

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Hello hivian, hope every one of us are doing well irrespective of the situation that we are in now, do take out time to have fun with your friends and family.

Today i decide to go down to the village to visit my mother's people and pick some stuff home because life in the city is not easy.

It is indeed fun being here today, i decided to visit the river in the village where so many people are making earns meat.


I remember when i was young, each time my mum take's me to the village i will always visit this river for a bath, that time i use to be very scared of the big river.


Those boat there are for commercial use, across the river is a big forest where people cut big timbers for wood work and buildings, some people use it to bring sand out of the water while some use for fishing.


I went there with my sisters, you know women too scared to come down to snap picture. Life in the village is sweet everything here is free even to swim is free, let me go change to my swimming kits i will show you picture of how i swim in that big river latter.

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hello dear friend @dantommy good night
I loved this walk through your town, it is good that you treasure those beautiful memories of your mother and the visits you gave to the river
I appreciate that you let us know these images
I wish you a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thank you dear friend for stopping by
Have a wonderful day today

there is nothing to thank dear friend @dantommy it was a real pleasure, we are reading
have a wonderful day