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I am a technician but i can't work on my shop, coz we are not allowed during ECQ, but before the ECQ i was prepared myself i anticipate the posible spread of the virus, i move my tools and gadgets to my home,

so that i can continue to work, even though there is less customer compare to the usual spot on the shop, atleast i can make a service to the community that is in need to repair their gadgets from home, my regular customers drop by to my home, of course we apply social distancing.

I've been a technician for 16 years now, regular customers know me well thats why they entrusted me of their gadgets, they leave the gadget to me for repair then ill just contact them if the gadget is repaired already.

Besides that i also find sidelines, i sell accessories for gadgets too, chargers, cables, memorycards and USB.

Colorful USB charging and data cord for Android and iOS that supports fast charger, very durable and long lasting, materials zinc alloy + nylon special design for game player, with green color LED light, with lenght of 1.5m at ₱150.00 only, it is also lower than SRP of ₱180.00

Maybe next month ECQ will be lifted to GCQ a new normal, thats why i add sideline a surgical mask for a very low price, the SRP is ₱23.00 to ₱28.00, i just sell it for only ₱19.50 so that we are prepare for the new normal and so as the community.


I offer delivery and some meetups by schedule with no extra charges to the costumers, from now on untill we can't open our shop, this is our new normal for us, keep safe Uloggers.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for labeling me as Ulogger.

Stay Tuned

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Same here.
I'm also working from home

Nice one. Are you affected of the pandemic?

Hello friend @dashand , we have all had to work from home, wao sometimes I go to bed tired, the housework and responsibilities of mother, plus the work of the institution where I work.

Wow hard working, take some rest we need that.

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You are very welcome @dashand❤️
cheers, liz

Saan location mo @dashland

Laguna po

Hello kuya @dashand. It's good to have atleast found a trusted technician. Kasi yung iba instead na maayos yung ipapagawa mo sinisira pa nila yung audio at shinoshort eh pinapatest mo pa lang naman. nakakainis yung ganun. Bale kuya pa-quote ako kung magkano second hand ng i3 na PC now? Thanks po.

Ayaw mo laptop?

Much better kung i7 pataas nalang, with high specs ng graphic card, para makapag edit ka ng pictures at video, naka i5 ako pero nahihirapan na, lalo na pag i3, plan to upgrade na in the future.