Hive Ulogs # 8: Fried green banana.

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Greetings to all in this beautiful Community!

Green plantain, fried, I recommend it for a snack at home, it is my single, you take the green plantains, like these.

platano verde.jpg

Then she removes the shell.

platano pelado.JPG

Cut them into slices.

tajadas de platano.JPG

It is placed to fry in a pan.

freir platano.jpg

When they are removed from the pan, it is placed on top of the paper napkin to drain the oil, if you do not dry the oil, you do not get crispy, and that is the attraction of this snack, enjoy some crispy fried plantains.

escurrir los platanos.JPG

At the end you can put salt to your liking.


I hope you get ready to prepare this delicious snack at home, the children love it!


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