Working in supply in my spare time from my guards at the company.

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Greetings, as I once told you about working as a cook on a PDVSA boat, my job is on call, considering the economic situation in the country, and that my salary is not enough, we must do additional work to support the family, So I have been away from here for a long time.


I will show you what I do in my spare time, I work in this supply.


I do it with total responsibility of taking care of not getting the Covid-19, it is risky but everything is to take home the food, to cover the expenses of medicines, and the expenses of maintenance of the house.


I go out every day with the blessing of God and that of my mother and grandmother who take care of me from heaven.


Today I stayed at home because the rain did not allow me to go out, and after all we have to take care of the flu, that's why I take advantage of greeting them.

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