Monday Crush - Myself Crush Monday


Welcome to Monday dear friends and happy New week to you all.

It's a beautiful day and I give God all the glory for making me count myself lucky to see this day.
It is privileged to see today.
We made it to this day, not by our strength, power, or might but by God's mercy and Grace which has kept us.


Today is Monday, so I decided to crush on myself today.
It's called self-love.

You know, it is not actually possible to love someone when you can't love and admire yourself.

I am appreciating God for the way He created me and how wonderfully and fearfully He made me.


Although I am not perfect, I can't stop thanking God for who I am and who He has made me become so I can't compare myself to others in any way because He created me in a unique way.

I am God's perfect creation and I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I am unique and love myself


Can't stop thanking God.

Happy New Week to you all.

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