I made melon soup today😘

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Good afternoon my friends on hive
Today I made a local meal of melon soup myself after a long period of eating at restaurants

The lockdown really made me dedicated to making meal myself as I am stocked here

Well actually it's one of the easiest soup to make in my town, within an hour the meal is done


Ingredients needed
**melon seeds
**fresh water fish

Wash the melon seeds in clean water, then add the tomatoes and pepper and onions

After washing it clean then blend them together, wash the fish and slice them


Pour the blended melon into your pot and place on fire, add your fish maggi and all spices then allow it to boil for 20mins

After then add palmoil then stir together
After 20minutes the soup is done and ready to be served


What comprises of the meal

Melon seed

My melon soup is ready....

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This looks good. And thanks for showing us the recipe and how you prepared the melon soup. Regards.

I heard it first time. Thanks for sharing