Ulog #1- A Talented Nigerian Woman Onboards herself.

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Hi uloggers happy sunday, some days ago, six(6) days ago precisely I was being reminded by @naty16 about the ulog community and I am happy coming back here. Its really been a while, I would want to say a big thank you to @surpassinggoogle for reviving and bringing to life this great community, I must say I am grateful. By the grace of God I promise to be an active member.


Well to safe you the stress, I will give a brief introduction about myself.
I am a young beautiful Nigerian woman, ready and out to impact the world with what God has embedded in me.
I love God and I am a Christian, and I am so so proud to be one.
If you haven't given your life to God yet then do it now, its really of necessity.

Today for my ulog#1 I would just want to show a picture of my beautiful self.
Guess you would love the picture, please do well to press the upvote button.
This is an avenue to invite all my friends @evegrace, @zellypearl, @imaluv54, @imadear, @udygold, @voclab etc. that the ulog community is back again and so ready to storm the Hive blockchain, remember its all about YOU so do well to be YOU. Don't allow or give anyone whatsoever the chance to talk you out from being YOU or make you feel less of YOU. YOU look better and good when YOU are YOU.
I love you all.
Happy Sunday all
Much love💟💟💟

I remain


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Nice one dear, thank you for tagging me. I will log my days activity too.

You are welcome.
Just do well to engage the community.
Much love💟💞💞
Happy Sunday

I just heard about the revival today through @erbee and I am pleased to see you have just confirmed what she said.
We will sure explore and make full proof of our ministry. Thanks for notifying me

You are welcome honey
Much love💟💞

Amazing Nigerian... I met a lot of Nigerian people and they are really religious! Thanks be to God! Welsome to the Hive Blog dear and don't stop looking for more truth according to the Bibke okay? The Bible is full of logic and the question and even the answer is already there... This is our Science, Math, and History from the past for the future to follow and to obey. (^_^)

Thanks so much for stopping by, I really do appreciate.
Much love💟💟

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Good knowing you miss nigerian

Lol, thanks ma'ma
Much love💟💟

Welcome dear. I also got to know about the reviving and won't fail to contribute here. Ulog is all about you. All thanks to @surpassinggoogle for creating this platform where people can talk about the YOU