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When the world wants to make me feel bad, smile is all I've got;
When there is no food for me to eat, smile is all I've got;
When there is no money in my bank account, smile is all I've got;
When friends, colleagues even close family members makes me feel i can't survive without them, smile is all I've got;
When love ones are deliberate at making me feel bad or moody, smile is all I've got.
When the world seems like crumbling on me I shake it off, and smile.


Smile gets your enemy confuse, they wouldn't know when you are truly sad, when anyone wants to get you angry, shake it off with a smile.
I have got many favours by just smiling, yes favor, so needless frowning.
Frowning takes much muscles than smiling, so why stress that beautiful or handsome face of yours.
Smile and make your enemy look stupid, smile and get people confused.


You own your smile, so don't let anyone steal it from you, not even me😜😜

I remain


Thanks for engaging my blog
Much love💓💟💞

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Always smile :)

Thanks for stopping by

I am smiling atm... Nice write up

Lovely pictures. The smile just perfectly suits you.

Thanks for sharing 🤗👍

Thanks dear.
Much love💓💞

Hello dear friend @glotokens how are you
A pleasure to meet you, you are absolutely right dear friend, the smile can open the most closed paths, with it we can achieve anything in life
keep your beautiful smile
I wish you a wonderful night

Thanks Sir, indeed SMILE does the magic we never would expect.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate.
Much love💓💞

How are you dear friend @glotokens good day
or you have nothing to thank, it was a real pleasure to visit your blog.
keep smiling.
have a nice day