Ulog #13- A Beautiful New week.

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Today is Monday, and the beginning of a new week, how was last week to you guess OK? Have you had the time to evaluate yourself on last week work? If no please do.
Now little advice for you today and this week:-

1. Make sure you start today and this week especially with a smile, knowing that no one can do that for you.

2. Be conscious of making someone happy.

3. You own your happiness, no one owns it not even me.

4. You are your own celebrity, if you do not celebrate you, then no one can celebrate you better than you celebrate yourself.


5. Know that you are beautiful as a female and handsome as a male. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but if no one is ready to behold you, then behold yourself. Don't wait for them, least the spoil your shine😉😀(Nigeria pidgin).

6. Anyone out to make you sad or depressed should not succeed because you gat to kill than person with kindness.


7. In as much as you want to keep it cool with everyone don't let anyone trample on you. Be you, you are the better version of you, because you evolve every single day.
And lastly

8. Just so you know I love you but God loves you more. So if you haven't given your life to Him then i fear because you are definitely missing out, do it today because tomorrow may be too late, dangerous or bloody.

Eehh don't be scared God gat ya back.


I remain


God Addict.

Thanks for stopping by

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