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We have moved the last few days and it is not easy. We only moved to the neighbouring village 6km from where we lived.

Every time we move, we say the next time we will have less "stuff" but it never happens. Just when you think you are leaving behind some "stuff" you start to doubt. Thinking maybe, we should keep this and that.


My father is sort of a hoarder, not quite that bad, but he will store up things and does not want to throw away anything.

My Dad's stuff in the new home. Hopefully he will sort it out.

The house that we have moved too doesn't have a garage, so there is a lot of stuff that we now don't know where to store it. At least my hubby started to throw away some "stuff".

We have moved to the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal South Africa 8 years ago. In that 8 years this is the eight time we moved. That's the one thing if you don't own your own home then you become wanderer. But always lots to be thankful for.

It's not too bad if you still happen to live-in Paradise. So, we are in the new home. This is my daughter's house so if all goes well we should be able to stay here for a few years.

They have converted the double garage into a flat for them so that they can rent out the main house. Their plans is to go sail the world.

Thank you for reading.



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Good luck to stay at your new abode

Thank you very much.

I understand about moving and not wanting to leave anything behind. Nice to meet you @hope777. You are a new member to the Terminal. Rent out their home and go sail the world. Wow, what an adventure. Kids. All that energy. Good luck on the move-in. And stay safe.

Hi, so nice to get a comment. Nice to meet you too! Thank you for the good wishes.
Have a great weekend.