MY ULOGS DAY 22: Life is a blessing, be grateful

in hive-173493 •  5 days ago  (edited)

Today was awesome and great though it was tiring and stressful but I thank God it was okay.
I went out to see if I can do some work but on getting there I realized I couldn't do anything, my dear, it was annoying especially when I counted the amount of money I paid for transportation and worst of it I was hungry but thank God the day is over and I am now home enjoying my moment at home.

But all the same I learnt something today that life is a blessing and a big thank you and thump up to Papa God for his blessings. There are so many people in the street. I am grateful Lord thank you.






happy new week friends and happy last Monday in the month of June uloggers

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how are you dear friend @ imaluv54 good afternoon
how good it is to hear from you, nice to meet you
I love your way of thinking, and you are very right, in life we must be grateful, just to open our eyes every day is a blessing
thank you very much for sharing this update
have a wonderful night

@jlufer thank you very much for visiting my blog I am most grateful

Missing more dear friend @ imaluv54 it was a pleasure to visit you and read your content. thank you very much for letting us know the details
stay safe dear friend
Have a wonderful day

Thank you @jlufer I hope you had a wonderful day too