Cuties I can't compare to anyone (Twins of life)

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Have you ever prayed all your life for something and it was granted on to you?
Yes i did.... And God answered my prayers. My love for twins is unexplainable that all my life I have always wanted them to be part of me am not married yet but I am still praying that when I get married God should bless me with twins. But mean while I want to celebrate this cuties that are always beaide me just like my blood they have always been around.
I call them the two "wahala" but a calm one. Because they are stubborn but in a gentle way they do it in such a way that you won't know they are been stubborn.
Please give it up for this amazing ladies.

I have always ask them a question if they will get married to same man?
Guess their answers.


But if only the man is willing to marry the both of them. Can you beat that. Can a love be as strong as not even wanting to give a distance to each other. Well this set of twins are amazing as everything about them is amazing ranging from the way they
dressing,hair style,shoes even their mode of speaking,
always in same spot.
Couldn't even imagine both applies into a tertiary institution and one was given admission and the other was denied but guess what the one given admission refused to go to school just for the sake of her sister who will be at home. And it's like "it's better we both stay at home than for me to go and leave you". Cheeezzzzzzz!!!!!!
If I will take time to tell you things about this ladies then we might end up not getting into conclusion because they still exists and still do so many new amazing things.
If you love twins you can give it up for them.

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