How do I look like after my haircut and how my day goes like? ULOG #3

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Hello everyone!


I used to work at @remotasks as a Lead Trainer and that is my daily routine. As you can see on my previous post this is my new normal would look like.


While we are having a meeting I used to take some photos to upload here on my ulog later.


This is my simple workstation. I worked here for almost 15 hours everyday.

So, why I decided to cut my hair? It's because it bothers me after seeing my selfie and I feel not comfortable because its hot.


This is my hair looks like before I did a haircut. It really looks messy because my hair is not totally straight and bouncy. It's been 2 months since my last haircut.


I use this tools for my haircut and I called our neighbor to do a haircut for me. His skill is very useful during these days. He can do a home service haircut during the quarantine. So, he got me as one of his costumers. 😁


After, this was the result. Nothing looks changed? lol. But yeah, I feel better now and comfortable. I think it looks neat and clean. So, I don't feel regret for cutting my hair. 🤞😁✌️

That's all for today guys! Thanks for reading! See you around!

PS. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for labeling me as a ulogger!

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Gwapo ahh....

Thank you :D

Gwapo bro,

Thank you bro 😁

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You look good with the nice cut. I see that you are really tapping into the original you. Ulog can be across any topic so you are on point.

Thanks for posting on the Ulog community, Ulog enhances real human growth and evolution.

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Yeah, thanks :)

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