Crocheting: My ulog#4

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Good morning ulogers! Hope we are fine..

I also wanted to do a crochet project. I was inspired by @jurich60 and @sarimanok the beauty of their crochet works.
I checked the contents of my sewing box looking for any resources to start crocheting. I found these..


I thought of using these cross stitch thread, while I haven't bought yarn yet..


I tied the ends to become one.


Practice to make perfect?


In fact, I couldn't imagine a definite crochet project yet but a soon as I have completed. I would loved to post it here.. on my next blog.

Stay safe everyone!


It's me..e31ce16f9ad7fd0c3b6a5fb0ab23f4cd.0.gif

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Ay galeng nman mommy, ok yan madmi n kayo sa crocheting.. Ako din pagaralan ko ulit yan pag gantsilyo, nkakaaliw ska pampalipas oras,,

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Sa ganyang materials na maiksi lang nice yan gawing earrings, chokers, rings at small granny square.