With grandson! My #ulog3

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Hello ulogers!

Our town is under MECQ status now, meaning some sectors are allowed to partially open, including malls and other establishment but not all are fully operational. Only 20-59 years old are allowed to go out, under 20 and above 60 were still stay at home.
Fortunately based on my daughters and my age we are allowed to go out.
That was an awesome good news.
In fact today was my grandson third birthday I wanted to visit him and greet personally.
I went out today with my youngest daughter it was 4 pm just right it wasn't too hot. We walked 300 meters away from home because we couldn't find any tricycle. As we arrived my grandson took my hand and blessed, he immediately introduced his pet ( Bailey) a 3 months old male husky.


I played with grandson and Baily, we talked, he showed me his toys and everything and ate. While playing with grandson I felt dizzy, My fear that vertigo might attacked, it was good for me to went home.

Sometimes we want to be with our loved ones for a long time but there are times we couldn't because of something happening beyond our control.

Stay safe everyone!received_686925725390684.gif

Its me...


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I am still confused what to secure. I have plan to move back to Cavite next month. I am now here in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

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