A good soul is worth celebrating

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Hello everyone!
Good day to you all.


The beautiful girl you've seen there is my sister and I love her so much. She's endowed with many gifts and potentials.

  • She can sow
  • She can cook
  • She can pray (very important)
  • She can sing
  • She can dance
  • She influences, motivates and encourage others around her.

Being beautiful doesn't really means facial beauty and expressions alone, it goes far beyond that.

Being beautiful involves being intelligent, passionate, hardworking, honest, faithful amongst others.

I'm so happy and proud to share this beautiful picture of my beautiful sister cos she's not just beautiful outside, she's beautiful in and out.
All the attributes I've mentioned above there and those I haven't she has it all. So you see why I said she's beautiful?

Apart from that, something good is coming....it's a wedding bell💃💃💃
She's next in line and I'm so happy for her.
I'm just wishing her a happy married life in advance.

To you out there, I don't know what you want and believe God for, I'm urging you to still stand firm with God, don't slack nor panic, have hope and trust in God, soon you'll have a testimony.

If you have a friend, sister or brother that is beautiful or handsome and worth celebrating, please do so. There's always a blessing attached to us when we celebrate and rejoice with other people.

Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate.

Thanks for engaging my blog
I am @Mhizerbee.

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Thanks for posting on 'Ulog' community, the essence of Ulog is to help you tap into your shine.

If your sister is in steem, you can encourage her to do some Ulog too. but if not, you can register her so she could join the team and mine more of her human.

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Wow...thanks so much.
I'll do as you say