This is how I spent my day

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Hello there! Good afternoon and welcome to my blog...

It's a beautiful and sunny day over here in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Everywhere is busy, students in JSS3 and SSS3 has resumed, waec has commenced too.

Apart from that,some ladies who are my friends have decided to make use of this period by learning one or two skills.

One of them called and requested to use my face for her makeup practical, I accepted and was payed for it as well.

After my morning chores, I went down to where the training and the practicals was going on and she commenced immediately.

That's her in the picture

I was just there sitting while she baked my face and gave me this nice look you're seeing. Others were doing same too while their boss will walk around to inspect their work.


After everything, she and her colleagues was scored by her boss and boom we took a lot of pictures.


Many people admired her work and some have started patronising her.
This is how I spent my day and I had fun as well.


Thank you so much for reading and engaging my blog, I appreciate.

Do have a good day and stay safe.

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@mhizerbee this new you is making you look dazzling. Love your new looks.

Thanks dear

Damn you have awesome hair! I love the shot with your hair down. So healthy and shiny. (Coming from a guy with long tight ringlets similar to yours)